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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Orchidaceae — a group of orchids.
  • proper n. A taxonomic subgenus within the genus Philonesia — a group of snails.


Named to always appear first in alphabetical listings; or alternatively after Pieter van der Aa. (Wiktionary)


  • With about a month between the end of Harvard and his departure for Valencia, Ehrlich had time to refine his Spanish skills, which he last used his freshman year in Spanish Aa.

    The Harvard Crimson | All Articles

  • The condition is believed to be caused by the loss of neurons in the brain due to a process whereby toxic multimers of a small protein called Aa are formed.

    India eNews

  • ABDULLAH 'AA GYM' GYMNASTIAR Indonesian Preacher Abdullah Gymnastiar, more commonly known as Aa Gym (Elder Brother), is Indonesia's most popular preacher.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • Imagine the sips of dry sherry that went into finding an opening entry that began with "Aa," — Peter van der Aa, Dutch publisher of Erasmus — or the learned discussion as to whether Pietro Aretino, who published "16 modi, or ways of copulation," with sonnets to match in 1524-25, was truly the pioneer of the dirty book.

    The Bible of Bibliomania

  • Since Word 2003, the "Aa" button (you might be tempted to drink when using Word, so they give you "AA" up front) has been a real help.

    Is That Legal?: A Bleg for Help With MS Word 2003

  • The trick is: click in the troublesome area and THEN click the "Aa" (styles) button.

    Is That Legal?: A Bleg for Help With MS Word 2003

  • In the new panel that opens when you click the "Aa" button, footnotes is highlighted.

    Is That Legal?: A Bleg for Help With MS Word 2003

  • Click the little "Aa" button (top left) when you're clicked on the page inside a footnote.

    Is That Legal?: A Bleg for Help With MS Word 2003

  • 'Aa's feared o' nowt, 'said Geordie,' that's livin ', but when it comes to evil sperrits 'tis the Priest should tackle them.

    Border Ghost Stories

  • Further customizations could be found by clicking the small "Aa" button at the top right area of the window.


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  • Scientific name for a genus of orchid that appears first on any list of plant genera, just like those entities in your phone book.

    June 27, 2010