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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the subfamily Ennominae — the magpie moths.
  • proper n. Alternative form of Abrasax (archon).


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  • How to utilize the many spellings of Abraxas...

    Abraxas staves his mood he
    plays his saxophone in a tame and scaley
    Coltrane refrain.

    He parallaxes this duality with a note –

    "From, where I have been to –
    where I may go."

    From here on!

    Abrasax plays his saxophone
    relaxes his throats to coax
    notes out in a slow tone
    melodious melodrama to make


    Abraxas expounds upon a brass saxophone with notes
    hung stark. The air of negative sky space of
    white sky
    black stars
    slated moon.

    Abraxas plays a brass saxophone and moans
    an abracadabra abacas
    He counts
    his toes tally the tacks
    across rods
    Abraxas smacks his
    beak together and blows
    deeper, Gillespien style,
    while all the feathers
    flutter from his head
    to quill the dirt with


    The feathers dance like
    hovering gnats
    pirouetting like an autumn ballerina of leaves
    twisting a child tornado on the sidewalk,

    "IO IO IO IAO SABAO KURIE!" Reads the dust

    and justly a brass saxophone blows deeper than a reflection
    of facing mirrors.

    Abracas abracadabracally constructs a melody
    that human ears are not made to hear.

    Like Goethe's architectural music Abraxas
    apexically dances a slithering moon walk and
    moors the planets to earth.

    Venus and mars tethered to the pantheon

    Earth – no longer orbiting between love and war.

    Abrasax plays his brass saxophone Orpheusly and tames
    the conflict within me.

    A cobra hisses
    from behind his back
    a rattle scatters like the pills
    scitter across a tiled floor from a last moments
    peace – where you change your mind.

    Abraxas blows his saxophone and a beaked
    last hiss without lips caws in the skylight.

    The pillars fall to his ouroboros shoes and Abraxas
    now with cigarette in beak –

    moans a melizmatic, perfectly poised, beautifully poetic –


    as the sun rises around us – in an unashamed world.

    December 29, 2009