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  • n. Greek Mythology A Titan, husband of Pandora, who together with his brother Prometheus took part in the creation of the human race.
  • n. Astronomy The satellite of Saturn that is sometimes the fifth and sometimes the sixth in distance from the planet. Periodically, Epimetheus and another of Saturn's moons, Janus, exchange orbits.

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  • proper n. Son of Iapetus and Clymene, brother to Atlas, Menoetius and Prometheus, of whom he ignored warnings to beware of any gifts from Zeus. He accepted Pandora as his wife, thereby bringing sorrow to the world; father to Pyrrha.
  • proper n. A moon of the planet Saturn.

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  • n. (Greek mythology) brother of Prometheus; despite Prometheus's warning against gifts from Zeus he accepted Pandora as his wife


Latin Epimētheus, from Greek, from epimētheus, afterthought (from the myth that after bestowing on each animal a special quality he had none left to bestow on humans), modeled on Promētheus, Prometheus (interpreted by the Greeks as from promētheus, forethought).
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From Ancient Greek Ἐπιμηθεύς (Epimētheus, "afterthought, hindsight"). (Wiktionary)



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