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  • n. Greek Mythology One of a family of giants, the children of Uranus and Gaea, who sought to rule heaven and were overthrown and supplanted by the family of Zeus.
  • n. One of prodigious size, strength, or achievement: "the twin titans of the beverage industry” ( David Barboza).
  • n. The largest satellite of Saturn and the 11th in distance from the planet. It is the second largest satellite in the solar system.

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  • n. Any of the giant gods in Greek mythology who preceded the Olympian gods.
  • proper n. The largest moon of the planet Saturn.

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  • adj. Titanic.

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  • n. In mythol., one of a race of primordial deities, children of Uranus and Ge (Heaven and Earth), or their son Titan, supposed to represent the various forces of nature.
  • n. Any one of the immediate descendants of the Titans, as Prometheus and Epimetheus.
  • n. The sun personified. Titan being at times substituted by the Latin poets for Helios as god of the sun.
  • n. The sixth in order of the eight satellites of the planet Saturn, and the largest, appearing as a star of the ninth magnitude. See Saturn.
  • n. A genus of beetles.
  • n. A calcareous earth; titanite.
  • n. Titanium.

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  • n. a person of exceptional importance and reputation
  • n. (Greek mythology) any of the primordial giant gods who ruled the Earth until overthrown by Zeus; the Titans were offspring of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaea (Earth)
  • n. the largest of the satellites of Saturn; has a hazy nitrogen atmosphere


Middle English, Helios, from Latin Tītān, from Greek.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From Ancient Greek Τιτάν (Titan). (Wiktionary)



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