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  • A peninsula of southern Europe projecting into the Mediterranean Sea between the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic seas.
  • A country of southern Europe comprising the peninsula of Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, and several smaller islands. It was settled in antiquity by Italic tribes, Etruscans, and Greek colonists. The non-Roman peoples were gradually supplanted as the power of Rome grew from the fourth century B.C. After the fall of the Roman Empire (A.D. 476), Italy was ruled by various barbarian tribes, local families, and popes. Nationalism in the 19th century led to unification under King Victor Emmanuel II in 1870. Italy became a fascist state under Benito Mussolini, whose regime (1922-1943) was allied with Germany in World War II. After surrendering to the Allies in 1943, Italy was reconstituted as a republic in 1946. Rome is the capital and the largest city. Population: 58,100,000.

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  • proper n. A country in southern Europe, one of the states of the European Union. Official name: The Italian Republic (in Italian, la Repubblica Italiana).

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  • n. a republic in southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula; was the core of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire between the 4th century BC and the 5th century AD


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From Middle English Italy, Italie, from Old English Italia ("Italy"), from Latin Ītalia ("Italy"), via Ancient Greek Ἰταλία (Ītaliā), from Oscan Víteliú (a name for the southwestern tip of the boot of Italy), meaning "land of bulls" in Oscan; usually assumed to be a cognate of vitulus ("calf"), despite the different length of the i.


  • Obama's Remarks to Turkish Parliament Pier Paolo Cito/Associated Press ITALY EARTHQUAKE: A firefighter looked at a victim lying amid debris in L'Aquila, Italy, after a 6. 3-magnitude earthquake killed at least 100 people and leveled buildings early Monday.

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  • BRIXEN, ITALY - AUGUST 03: Pope Benedict XVI (L) (besides his secretary Georg Gaenswein) waves to the people in front of Brixen Cathedral ahead of a sunday Angelus prayer on August 3, 2008 in Brixen, Italy.

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  • CASTELGANDOLFO, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 1: Pope Benedict XVI meets Ingrid Betancourt at his summer residence, on September 1, 2008 in Castelgandolfo, Rome, Italy.

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  • CASTELGANDOLFO, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 1: Pope Benedict XVI delivers his blessing to Ingrid Betancourt and her relatives during a meeting at pope's summer residence, on September 1, 2008 in Castelgandolfo, Rome, Italy.

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  • MAYOR PATRIZIA RICCIONI, BRACCIANO, ITALY (through translator) "I understand that it will be a ceremony with scientology right." says the mayor of Bracciano referring to Tom Cruise's religion, which isn't recognized here in Italy.

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  • 'Lady Morgan,' writes the poet, 'in a _really excellent_ book, I assure you, on Italy, calls Venice an ocean Rome; I have the very same expression in _Foscari_, and yet you know that the play was written months ago, and sent to England; the _Italy_ I received only on the 16th ....

    Little Memoirs of the Nineteenth Century

  • Both felt the time was ripe, and began to believe that Italy would be but _Italy_, and not _the Kingdom of the North_.

    The International Magazine, Volume 2, No. 2, January, 1851

  • SPAIN AND ITALY. (_a_) Why are Spain, Italy, and Turkey sometimes called "the three decadent nations of Europe"?

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  • Lawrence J. Gomme: -- "Italy in Arms," by Clinton Scollard, from _Italy in

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  • Originally Browning called these two poems _Italy_ and _France_; but he later fell madly in love with Italy, and I suppose could not bear to have so cold-blooded a tragedy represent the country graven on his heart.

    Robert Browning: How to Know Him


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  • Italy the paradice of the earth, and the Epicures heauen, how doth it forme our yong master? It makes him to kisse his hand like an ape, cringe his neck like a starueling, and play at hey passe repasse come aloft when hee salutes a man. From thence he brings the art of atheisme, the art of epicurising, the art of whoring, the art of poysoning, the art of Sodomitrie.

    - Thomas Nashe, The Unfortunate Traveller, 1594

    April 14, 2010