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  • proper n. The cinema industry of Pakistan


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From Urdu Lahore and Hollywood. See لالیوُڈ.


  • Pakistan Lollywood Pakistan's movie industry, often called "Lollywood" for its home base in Lahore, is best known for straightforward damsel-in-distress and good-versus-evil plots.

    Week in Words

  • Ramchand Pakistani manages to touch upon a number of issues relevant to both nations, while simultaneously acting as a marker of the increasingly superior output from 'Lollywood' that is deserving of our undivided attention.

  • Since the Lollywood industry is not moving, and the music industry is relying on hits from neighboring countries, and where 7 years ago pageants literally did not exist for Pakistanis, how does it all look for Pakistani people?

    Miss Pakistan World - Fighting Who?

  • With the help of our experts : Mort Garson, Lollywood extravaganza, Satanicpornocultshop, and a lot more soul, fuzz, electronic and exotic sweets.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • I'm a big Hunter fan and have read all his stuff and understand that Lollywood (the "L" is for Liberal) has to do their thing.

    The Gun Nut Takes Aim At Shooter

  • The often-wry reviews posted at The Hot Spot Online A/K/A the most awesome ice cream shop ever can be helpful in learning a bit about the context of Bollywood/Lollywood horror movies.

    2009 May « Structure Geek

  • Which doesn't take much arm twisting, because this is, after all, Lollywood - and everyone here loves to be the center of attention.

    Too Late For Blackberry Cobbler

  • On my trip, on St. Patrick's Day eve, Lorna took me to THE in pub in Lollywood and believe me, it was packed with mucky-mucks.

    Too Late For Blackberry Cobbler

  • Lollywood is what I have dubbed Lake Arrowhead, an exclusive mountain resort community outside of L.

    Too Late For Blackberry Cobbler

  • That Lollywood moment was like standing in the sun, tasting that single, luscious berry for all its worth, knowing it may be too late for the whole experience. . .

    Too Late For Blackberry Cobbler


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