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  • abbr. The overseas intelligence agency of the United Kingdom, whose primary function is to spy on foreign governments and terror groups located abroad. Formally called the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).


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Originally an abbreviation for Military Intelligence, division six.


  • Thus MI6 is accountable to ministers – the foreign secretary, William Hague.

    MI6 chief brings secrecy into the open

  • Sir John said his speech Thursday was partly motivated by his feeling that the public debate about MI6 is "not well informed" because of the agency's secretive nature.

    British Spy Chief Breaks Agency's History of Silence

  • The SIS, popularly known as MI6, is Britain's global intelligence-gathering organization.


  • He was well aware that the CIA and its British equivalent, the Secret Intelligence Service, known as MI6, had been gathering extensive intelligence on his operations virtually from the start, but he had no idea of the depth to which they had penetrated his network.


  • It also works very closely with MI6, which is our foreign intelligence service and much more like the CIA.

    Stella Rimington - An interview with author

  • In a speech at the Foreign Office, Hague is due to give the most comprehensive account by a foreign secretary to date of the office's oversight of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), also known as MI6, and the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the state's electronic listening centre.

    William Hague lifts the lid on UK spying operations

  • These include the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), commonly known as MI6, the Governmental Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), and the Security Service (MI-5).

    Why Does India Abhor Relevant And Mandatory Legislation?

  • Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6, which is based in London across the river from Mr. Williams's apartment.

    U.K. Spy's Death Remains Cloaked in Mystery

  • The first of them, the Secret Intelligence Service SIS, also known as MI6, was responsible for foreign intelligence and codebreaking.


  • By its very nature, SOE was doomed to clash with three of the most powerful forces in the British wartime establishment: the intelligence service (SIS, also known as MI6), the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Foreign Office (FO).

    Shadow Knights


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