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  • n. French mathematician (born in Poland) noted for inventing fractals (born in 1924)


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  • Mandelbrot is Yiddish for "almond bread" and is slightly different than biscotti (Italian for "twice cooked").

    J. Weekly

  • According to Joan Nathan, it may have been the large Jewish population that once resided in Piedmont, Italy that brought biscotti to Eastern Europe, where it was subsequently adapted and became known as Mandelbrot, which means almond bread.

    Jewesses With Attitude - Where Jewish women tell it like it is

  • "It tends to be taken for granted," Schipke says, "That the Mandelbrot is too calculation-intensive to be done without computers.

    The Mandelbrot Monk

  • It's called the Mandelbrot Set (from now on, the M-Set) and you're soon going to meet it everywhere - in the design of fabrics, wallpaper, jewelry, and linoleum.

    The Ghost from the Grand Banks

  • The most famous computer-generated fractal is called the Mandelbrot set - a swirling, feathery, seemingly organic landscape that is reminiscent of the natural world, but is nonetheless completely virtual.

    BBC News - Home

  • This is a very deep zoom into a fractal called the Mandelbrot set. the boundary of the Mandelbrot set is infinite in length and detail. the deeper you go the more complex the image gets.

    Vimeo / Recent Public Videos

  • In that sense, Benoit Mandelbrot, who died on Thursday at the age of 85, was a radical mathematician.

    Santhosh Mathew, PhD: Beauty From Anarchy

  • The image created by the Mandelbrot set is one of the most popular and stunning image in all of mathematics.

    Santhosh Mathew, PhD: Beauty From Anarchy

  • The Fractal Geometry of Nature is a mathematical text published in 1983 by Mandelbrot that addresses many of the mathematical puzzles that involve fractals.

    Santhosh Mathew, PhD: Beauty From Anarchy

  • They would probably have stumbled, at least until the work of Mandelbrot became an established branch of mathematics known as Fractal Geometry.

    Santhosh Mathew, PhD: Beauty From Anarchy


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