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  • n. A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Scorpius and Capricorn.
  • n. The ninth sign of the zodiac in astrology.
  • n. One who is born under this sign.

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  • proper n. : A constellation of the zodiac supposedly shaped like a centaur who is an archer.
  • proper n. : The zodiac sign for the archer, ruled by Jupiter and covering November 23 - December 21 (tropical astrology) or December 16 - January 14 (sidereal astrology).
  • n. Someone with a Sagittarius star sign
  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Sagittariidae — the secretary bird.

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  • n. The ninth of the twelve signs of the zodiac, which the sun enters about November 22, marked thus [♐] in almanacs; the Archer.
  • n. A zodiacal constellation, represented on maps and globes as a centaur shooting an arrow.

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  • n. A southern zodiacal constellation and sign, the Archer, representing a centaur (originally doubtless some Babylonian divinity) drawing a bow. The constellation is situated east of Scorpio, and is, especially in the latitudes of the southern United States, a prominent object on summer evenings. The symbol of the constellation → shows the Archer's arrow and part of the bow.
  • n. In heraldry, the representation of a centaur carrying a bow and arrow.
  • n. [NL. (Vosmaer, 1769).] The typical genus of Sagittariidæ: so called, it is said, from the arrowy crest; the secretary-birds.

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  • n. type genus of the Sagittariidae
  • n. the ninth sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about November 22 to December 21
  • n. (astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Sagittarius
  • n. a large zodiacal constellation in the southern hemisphere; between Scorpius and Capricornus


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English, from Latin Sagittārius, from sagittārius, archer, from sagitta, arrow.

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Latin sagittarius ("archer")

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From Latin sagittārius ("archer").


  • SAGITTARIUS November 21-December 20: Mercury in Sagittarius could strain your credibility.

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  • Wealth making has been rather slim with Pluto in Sagittarius; in Capricorn, one of the money grubbing earth signs, better.

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  • Mozart had Sun Aquarius Moon in Sagittarius (same as Yoko Ono) “you have the qualities of an uncompromising intellectual; honesty, strong opinions, and a broad viewpoint on world affairs. … are impulsively quick to act on … ideas, advanced and revolutionary as they may sometimes be. … believe in getting things done, and done in shortest possible time, employing the most innovative methods … can devise.” from here.

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  • The new era of Aquarius which will last 2000 years, just like the past era of Pisces (from the birth of Christ onward); especially the Uranium constellation during the coming seven years and Pluto in Sagittarius will bring about very profound changes for mankind.

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  • The most familiar, as it was the earliest of these, was Caxton's, and next to this must be placed what is usually described as the Sagittarius device.

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  • Chapter Feeds offers a sample from the Battlestar Galactica novel Sagittarius is Bleeding by Peter David.

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  • The Wall Street Journal's Aaron Lucchetti wrote about the complexity of the final payouts for a value-destroying synthetic CDO called Sagittarius (MBIA (LaCrosse Financial Products), Deutsche, Wachovia, UBS ended up in a dispute over the cash): "CDO Battles: Royal Pain Over Who Gets What" December 17, 2007.

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  • This Chandra image of the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, known as Sagittarius A* or Sgr A* for shortSgr A* and the surrounding region is based on data from a series of observations lasting a total of about one million seconds, or almost two weeks.

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  • Astronomers are confident that our own Milky Way galaxy has a supermassive black hole at its center, in a region called Sagittarius A*:

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  • Deutsche Bank, the trustee for a troubled $985 million CDO called Sagittarius CDO I LLC, sued an affiliate of MBIA Inc. over a dispute about the rights of various classes of investors.

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