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  • n. The methods or techniques used to teach adults.


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  • This is called andragogy, the process of helping adults learn.

    Memphis Flyer

  • CELL-Centre for Experiential Learning is a multimedia and interactive learning environment for medical practitioners, which delivers effective and engaging learning projects in accordance with the latest andragogy principles.

    BPN 1381 My selection of WSA Best e-Content 09 (6)

  • Kevin talked about the need to address andragogy , not just pedagogy, through learning.

    Games and simulations

  • BTW, I think that andragogy is not popular in the US because it was invented in Europe ;

    Learning by doing

  • Thus pedagogy or andragogy if you prefer would encompass all three of your categories, plus others TBD.

    Sims Without the Cord

  • Her description of "lectures with slides" and handouts of slides "with ruled lines down the other side of the sheet" as "infantilising" betrays ignorance of not only Microsoft PowerPoint, but also the theoretical and applied development of andragogy since, perhaps, she was last a student.

    New Statesman

  • While I do think andragogy reinforces producerism, it easily leads to an overfocus on pragmatism that is ungrounded in theory.


  • A lot of emerging church conversations are based on andragogy and the current questions people are asking in order to interpret their current ministry situations and to do something about it.


  • just introspect the differences in pedagogy & andragogy. then peep into pedagogy and analyse the difference between a child that goes to school and a child who dos not go to school.

    Flawed Self-Assessment?

  • As I understand it, a key way in which andragogy varies from pedagogy is that the learners’ experiences are generally employed as material to build on for learning in the teaching of adults.

    Ten things I think I know (Tranche 2) « Ken Wilson's Blog


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  • The hard truth about andragogy

    Is mastering it is rather dodgy.

    Those students not skeptics

    Are often dyspeptics,

    So never be boring or stodgy.

    January 12, 2016

  • Andragogy is the process of helping adults learn.

    While pedagogy refers to the teaching of children, where the teacher is the focal point, andragogy shifts the focus from the teacher to the learner. Adults learn best when they have control over their learning.

    Pronunciation: an-druh-goh-jee, -goj-ee

    Retrieved from: Continuing Education

    July 30, 2009

  • Andragogy is a term coined by Malcolm Knowles, who is considered to be the father of adult learning. It means the methods/approaches used in teaching adults. Knowles contrasts adult learning approaches (andragogy) with how children are taught (pedagogy).

    July 15, 2009