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  • n. An ideological focus on males and men, and issues affecting them, possibly to the detriment of non-males. (Contrast with gynocentrism.)


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andro- + -centrism


  • The gender antagonism and androcentrism of the trade union movement continued unabated, even after the historic strike waged by women factory workers in response to proposed wage reductions many years earlier. 6

    Arms and the Woman: Just Warriors and Greek Feminist Identity

  • Why does androcentrism seems to be more newsworthy than feminism… is feminism a trope or something nowadays?

    “Crying Girl” DVD makes me cry, but not for the obvious reason « Gender Across Borders

  • The asymmetrical nature of the fundamental gender duality of Jewish law produces a system which can be described as androcentric, if androcentrism is understood to describe a cultural system emerging from a male perspective on the world.

    Gender Identity In Halakhic Discourse.

  • Traditional rabbinic androcentrism has been corroborated by the exclusion of women from what is most valued in that culture, namely, the study and teaching of Torah in the broadest sense of the term, or, differently put, the reproduction of Torah (Alexander).

    Gender Identity In Halakhic Discourse.

  • The distinction between the rabbinic and a typical (if extreme) Christian discourse as the signs of two different configurations of androcentrism can be delineated sharply in the contrast between the Rabbis and Tertullian on clothing and cosmetics (Boyarin 1993).


  • An additional obstacle confronting the women writers was the androcentrism of the Zionist revolution.

    Israeli Women's Writing in Hebrew: 1948-2004.

  • Since 1986 an Introduction to WS has been offered which presents the basic tools necessary to analyze the status of women in society, including the concept of gender and issues of androcentrism in the various disciplines.

    Women's Studies in Israel.

  • Since at the beginning of the twentieth century Jewish feminism in Israel and elsewhere developed side by side with nationalist consciousness and because the androcentrism in Zionism is as great as that inherent in any ideology or legal system, the process of creating a feminist interpretation for some of the secular Zionist narratives and ceremonies is necessary in light of the creation of religious ceremonies presented above.

    Ritual: A Feminist Approach.

  • The images also reveal a kind of sexism: androcentrism, or the valuing of things masculine over things feminine.

    Rejecting The Gender Binary In Fashion » Sociological Images

  • The misogyny, or rather androcentrism, of essential Buddhism has been exacerbated over millenia by the cultures and societies its grown up in: Japan, Tibet, Korea, India, Thailand, etc.

    Fierce nuns, Feminism, and The Dalai Lama « Gender Across Borders


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  • Having man, or the male, as its centre.

    January 21, 2010