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  • n. Anecdotal evidence.


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Blend of anecdotal and data


  • So did "anecdata" suggesting that firstborns were more likely to win Nobel Prizes or become (ahem) prominent psychologists.

    Who's the Smart Sibling?

  • My other favorite Mansplainer tactic is refuting several citations from government agencies and other reputable research sources with your "anecdata," and when I explain that research contradicts what you just said, tell me I'm hysterical and over-emotional.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • I'll be honest: I usually don't place much stock in most of these reports, because they usually take a few SWAG (scientific wild-ass guess) survey results and so-called "anecdata" data points, and extrapolate them out several years with the added veneer of meaningless precision ( "12. 5% growth in 5 years"), all of which is about as ludicrous as you can get when predicting the future.


  • Not the firmest data set, sure, but not just a single bit of anecdata ..

    Matthew Yglesias » The Trouble With High Rent

  • Murray is using his anecdata to endorse the views of Mark Steyn, who is certainly complaining/warning about the increasing number of minorities in Europe.

    Matthew Yglesias » Charles Murray Sees Nonwhite People

  • That would be anecdata by which to test this mini-thesis

    Matthew Yglesias » 2012 Primary Talk is Silly

  • Before getting into isolated statistics and anecdata, let's do an overview: Between 2006 and the fall of 2009 (which is the most recent data [pdf] we have), insurance coverage among non-elderly adults jumped from 87.5 percent to 95.2 percent.

    The Massachusetts plan is working -- but the American health-care system is not

  • The problem then comes down to what can be considered 'good evidence': the BCA would no doubt claim that their anecdata were sufficient, but this brings us back to their members' duty to effectively abide by what the ASA would consider to be good evidence, ie: "Substantiation will be assessed by the ASA on the basis of the available scientific knowledge."

    BCA v Singh: The Official Ruling

  • My anecdata indicates that most mothers feel responsible for the well-being of their baby all the time, however far apart they are, and some fathers feel that, eg, they are not responsible for forgetting to feed the child in their care because they forgot.


  • If you recheck your anecdata after looking up the numbers, you'll recall that on that last trip to Florence or Barcelona you were struck by the huge number of German or maybe they were Dutch or Danish tourists around everywhere.

    Slate Articles


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