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  • v. Present participle of arc.


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  • I really despise that lettering, I'm not a fan of that arch type of text (not arch as in "arcing" - that might work - but as in "made to look like an arch" ugh).


  • The attacking student, garbed in traditional Japanese clothes, regains his posture and repeats the movement, the sword arcing above his head and swinging back around again.

    Live by the sword; In kenjutsu, the ancient art of Japanese swordsmanship is taught

  • Without warning, he struck at Kory, the sword arcing down towards him.

    Knight Of Ghosts And Shadows

  • Conan leaped back as he recovered from the killing stroke, his broadsword arcing down barely in time to block Abdul's thrust at his side.

    Conan The Victorious

  • Silently, with a prayer to Bel, god of thieves, the Cimmerian sprang toward the closer S'tarra, his sword arcing down for where he hoped the pike was.

    Conan The Invincible

  • It is to be used on the 145 million homes in USA and Canada in need of protection from the effects of arcing, which is recognized to be the primary cause of electrical fires.

  • When a person approaches, she or he disrupts the electromagnetic field causing arcing, which is when electricity jumps across space to make a connection ...

    Cool Hunting

  • So, as I turn about to go back into the house, I notice sparks and "arcing" from the power pole, near its top.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • Each of the four projectiles has different properties, such as arcing 90 degrees when fired from capture or creating a huge explosion when charged with energy.


  • [23] Although the initial causes of the TWA 800 and Swissair 111 accidents have not been found, there are recognizable physical problems along the way: an explosion in the central fuel tank in the case of TWA 800, "arcing" ” a hot and persistent form of electrical sparking ” in twenty wires located near the cockpit in the case of Swissair 111.

    There Is Nothing Left To Do But Care


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