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  • n. a bone found in the penis of some mammals


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Latin baculum ("stick, staff, sceptre, cudgel")


  • I just learned the word baculum today and wanted to use it in a sentence.

    "Resign, or go commit suicide." Who said that to whom?

  • Examinations revealed that Bijou has what appears to be an undeveloped prostate gland, as well as deteriorated testis and a penile bone -- called a baculum it is present in male dogs' penises -- inside her large clitoris.

    Breaking News: CBS News

  • The statement that the baculum is a bone that "facilitates an erection without blood" is altogether incorrect.


  • Another good word to use here is "baculum" which is a bone found in the penis of most mammals...

    Taking Myself Out to the Ballgame...

  • Most mammals (humans excluded) have a bone in their penis (called the baculum), which means not only that they are more exposed to trauma but that they don’t have to rely on their vascular systems to have an erection.

    You Staying Young

  • "Also, like other mammals in the order carnivora, the male bears have a special bony structure in their penis called a "baculum".


  • Macaca munzala appears to be unique among macaques in craniodental size and structure, baculum, and aspects of caudal structure, while exhibiting affinities with the other members of the sinica-group to which it belongs.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • For instance: A lot of animals including many mammals have a baculum, or penis bone, but humans do not.

    Lunchtime Poll: Are you offended by Pam Anderson's PETA ad? |

  • All of these can be subsumed under a thuggish logical fallacy, the argumentum ad baculum, "argument by the club."

    Robin Lakoff: Disrupting Democracy

  • This sort of reasoning hovers perilously close to the argumentum ad baculum.



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  • We love our bacula up here, reesetee. Next time you come up, we'll go to Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn and see some...ummm...bacula.

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  • I just want everyone to know that I saw plenty of bacula in Alaska. Skipvia's adopted state has apparently cornered the market.

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