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  • n. A bet in certain gambling games for the entire amount the banker offers to accept.
  • interj. Used to announce a bet in certain gambling games.

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  • adj. a type of court involving a bench of judges. Quite often, the Banco Court is an appeals court. See also en banc.
  • n. A bank, especially that of Venice; formerly used to indicate bank money, as distinguished from the current money when it has become depreciated.

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  • n. A bank, especially that of Venice.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In com., the money in which the banks of some countries keep or kept their accounts, in contradistinction to the current money of the place.
  • n. In baccara, a proposal to play against the banker for his entire capital at one coup. See baccara.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Italian, variant of banca, from Old Italian; see bank2.


  • Piang dipped his hands into the cool water, and pulled them up by long slender roots; lily-pads offered their beauties and soon the banco was a bower of fragrant and brilliant flowers.

    The Adventures of Piang the Moro Jungle Boy A Book for Young and Old

  • The "banco" is the higher area, originally the bank of a former river that has a changed course.


  • These "banco" containers are to be found in all shapes and sizes.

    4. Farm and village level storage

  • In arid regions, for the storage of sorghum, millet, pulses, paddy and peanuts, use is made primarily of closed storage containers made of mud, often mixed with chopped straw, which is known as "banco".

    4. Farm and village level storage

  • The Museo del Banco Central "Pumapungo 'was a highlight, giving a history of Ecuadorian money (guess that's the link to the' banco '), art and culture, specifically the ethnographic exhibit. Recent Updates

  • The answers range from, banco, banco por pies, to they are all called escabel.

    Specifics vs. description

  • I ask her and the gardener at the same time what to call it and they both said banco para pies.

    Specifics vs. description

  • Al presentar el informe de Agregados Monetarios y Actividad Financiera de febrero de 2009, el banco central informó que la tasa de interés promedio aplicada al crédito vía tarjeta de crédito fue de 41.78 por ciento.

    Trust of banks and money in Mexico

  • Looking at the present from the perspective of the past, Del-banco sees that Satan, "always receding and always sought after," has provided two very different functions in American history.

    Do We Need Satan?

  • Sentada en un banco, me abandono en esta humedad verde casi negra.

    veruscio Diary Entry


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