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  • adj. inclined to bite.


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bite +‎ -y


  • "i call the big one bitey" is a nice homage to a long ago time when The Simpsons was still consistently funny, but "antmusic" would be cooler. "dirk wears white socks" would be even better, but "kings of the final frontier" would probably be the most obscure and rewarding (the ant habitat was originally designed by NASA, and I'll let you figure the rest out on your own.)

    In Exile: 50 posts from March 2006

  • He described it as "bitey"; whenever anything touched his tongue -- even water -- he complained of an acid-like, vinegary taste.

    Clinical Case: Taste Disturbance, Otitis Externa and Other Symptoms (Part 1)

  • GROUNDHOG DAY by Michelle Aki Becker (Children's Press) is a slim but handy volume for looking at actual photographs of the icky critters (sorry, I'm not really an animal person, they look a little "bitey" to me).

    The PlanetEsme Plan: The Best New Children's Books from Esme's Shelf

  • "The way I describe it is, imagine you have a guitar with two humbuckers and a three-way, and you have a guitar with two single coils and a three-way, which gives you that really cool, 'bitey' sound,"

    Gearwire -

  • "It would be an interesting little thing to steal a ferret because they are so bouncy and kind of bitey, I kind of feel bad for the person that put it down their pants leg," pet store owner Stephen Brezil said. - Local News

  • We used cherries that were quite firm, but not unripe, and they were pleasantly "bitey", if that's a word ( "crunchy" would be taking it too far), even after their sousing in spirits and sugar.

    Crash Test Kitchen

  • I sound like a whole spice box, and nothing but the 'bitey' spices at that. "

    Under the Country Sky

  • It burned, but as he could still move his fingers (enough to flip off the bitey idiot as he pulled away at least) he put the incident behind him.

    Apocalypse: The Incident With The Car (One For The Road) « The Graveyard

  • What's the point of not being a sheep if you're just some sort of bitey thing?

    Labour talking tough on immigration

  • YUK - I bet it's full of fleas and other nasty hoppy bitey minute creatures ... it needs to have a go with the Ladyshave as well ...

    Happy Friday, Author-Friends


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  • Chanterelle: We welcome anyone who's interested in the Lonely Ones.

    Willow: The lonely ones?

    Angel: Vampires.

    Xander: Oh, we usually call them the nasty, pointy, bitey ones. - Lie To Me

    September 2, 2007