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  • n. A system of therapy in which disease is considered the result of abnormal function of the nervous system. The method of treatment usually involves manipulation of the spinal column and other body structures.

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  • n. A system of health care involving manipulation of the spinal column and other body structures, for the purpose of alleviating neural dysfunction.

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  • n. a method of medical treatment that manipulates body structures, especially the spine, in the belief that it restores proper nerve functioning.

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  • n. a method of treatment that manipulates body structures (especially the spine) to relieve low back pain or even headache or high blood pressure


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

chiro- + Greek prāktikos, practical; see practical.

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From chiro- meaning “hand” from Ancient Greek χείρ (kheir, "hand") + πρακτικός (praktikos, "concerned with action").


  • Even though there are over 60,000 chiropractors practicing in the US today, and colleges all over the country offer chiropractic certification, we still see some common misconceptions when the term chiropractic is mentioned.


  • The term chiropractic itself comes from the Greek words cheir (hand) and praxis (action) to describe treatment done by hand or hands-on treatment.


  • One of the best ways chiropractors can follow news on all sources of media mentioning the term chiropractic, is to subscribe to the Google News alerts for terms of interest (

    Chiropractic News

  • The threatened resignations ... reflect a belief among many in the medical establishment that chiropractic is a "pseudo-science" that leads to unnecessary and sometimes harmful treatments ...

    Boing Boing: December 26, 2004 - January 1, 2005 Archives

  • In the olden days, a chiropractic problem was described as a “bone out of place,” but now we refer to a chiropractic problem more specifically as a subluxation.

    The Last Chance Dog

  • "There's research from NYU that shows that your immune system will work between 200 to 400 percent stronger with long term chiropractic care," he said.

    TV6 - TV6 News

  • Granholm recognized the health benefits of long term chiropractic care despite many doctors who dispute its effectiveness.

    TV6 - TV6 News

  • I’ll call it chiropractic editing because it involves adjusting the bones of the story.

    Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Chiropractic Editing

  • You may recall that a nervous, red-eyed, nitwit ran me off the road a long while back and broke my car's transmission, putting me into some long term chiropractic care with a cute yet deliciously pervy doctor ... and then the insurance company, Assco, refused to fix my car and tried to give me 700 bucks for the whole fiasco.

    wilberteets Diary Entry

  • Crosby said his recovery stalled and then improved after seeing Ted Carrick, a chiropractor based in Florida who is the leader of a controversial new field called chiropractic neurology.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed


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  • Chiropractic is not based on a belief system. It is a profession based on the well established scientific principle that abnormal spinal function results in abnormal neurological function. The primary source of care are spinal adjustments to restore normal spinal function and alignment.

    July 1, 2009