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  • adj. Suitable for compost.
  • n. That which is suitable for compost.


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compost +‎ -able


  • They are cleverly made out of renewable resources like natural starch and fiber (GM free corn and potato) and come in compostable and heat-sealable packaging, too.

    Din-ink Cutlery Retools the Bic-Pen | Inhabitat

  • Today, 90% of Sainbury's organic fresh produce is available in compostable, recycled or recyclable packaging.

    16 posts from September 2008

  • Ingeo™ is actually classified as compostable rather than biodegradable in the US.

    PLA Fiber: From Plastics to Pillows

  • But this country does not have a comprehensive composting infrastructure, so while it may feel good to have packaging that's "compostable", unless you live in San Francisco or Seattle, it's not actually being composted.

    Gwen Ruta: What Do iPhones, Coca-Cola and SunChips Have in Common?

  • Some garbage bags, for instance, are promoted as "compostable," implying that you can throw them into the compost bin and by spring they'll be fertilizer.

    Save The Planet, Lose The Guilt

  • The only terms relating to the green attributes of a plastic product that are expressly permitted in advertising, under the proposed legislation, are "compostable" and "marine degradable;" provided, however, that at the time of sale the plastic product bearing such term shall meet the applicable American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard specification approved by the Legislature (all such approved standard specifications being set forth in the bill).

    New Jersey Law Blog

  • By enhancing SCA, Premier members can now more easily identify environmentally preferred purchasing (EPP) contracts through EPP key word search capabilities such as compostable, organic, energy-efficient, and recycled; and a

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • The idea, Morris said, is to encourage all vendors to use green products - such as compostable cups, takeout containers and utensils - so that as much waste as possible could be turned into compost on site, along with any scraps and compostable trash created at the market.

    TNT Diner

  • Actually, you seem still to have weekly collections - of the socially most contentuous waste, the rottable and (people believe) potentially rat-feeding 'compostable' bit.

    Liberal Democrat Voice

  • Soil scientist Will Bakx, co-owner of Sonoma Compost, says that for one thing, unless the word "compostable" is on there somewhere, very clearly, garbage sorters can't take a chance.

    KCBS Bay Area News


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  • Compostable things can be broken down by microorganisms under conditions that aren't too weird or extreme, like a nice hot, aerobic pile). If it's compostable, and you throw it in your compost pile, eventually it'll be turned into humus. In a sentence: "Are these corn-based plastic cups really compostable?"

    June 9, 2009