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  • verb transitive To cut into smaller pieces, parts, or sections.
  • verb transitive, informal To lacerate; to wound by multiple lacerations; to injure or damage by cutting, or as if by cutting.
  • verb transitive, idiomatic To distress mentally or emotionally.
  • verb transitive, idiomatic, dated To severely criticize or censure; to subject to hostile criticism.
  • verb intransitive, idiomatic To behave like a clown or jokester (a cut-up); to misbehave; to act in a playful, comical, boisterous, or unruly manner to elicit laughter, attention, etc.
  • verb transitive, idiomatic, UK To aggressively move in front of another vehicle while driving. US: cut off.
  • adjective Having been cut into smaller pieces.
  • adjective Wounded with multiple lacerations.
  • adjective idiomatic Emotionally upset; mentally distressed.

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  • adjective cut into pieces
  • verb separate into isolated compartments or categories
  • verb destroy or injure severely
  • verb significantly cut up a manuscript
  • verb cut to pieces


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  • In Tasmania (Australia), this is used as a noun or a verb to describe the distribution of a candidate's second and lower preference votes when they are eliminated from a Hare-Clark (voting system) count.

    April 5, 2024

  • Let's say there are 10 candidates standing in a division, which elects 5 members to the House of Assembly. A valid vote has to number at least 5 candidates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and can continue (or not) all the way to 10. In the first count, ballots are sorted into piles according to the number 1 vote. The candidate with the lowest total is declared eliminated. Their pile of votes are then allocated to candidates according to the number 2 preference on those ballot papers. And so on, until only 6 candidates remain ... the 5 with the highest number of votes are declared elected.

    April 5, 2024

  • FWIW in the 23 March 2024 state election we had to elect 7 members for each of the 5 divisions, for a 35-seat House of Assembly. As of today 5 April the cut up is still being done. In my division of Clark there were 35 candidates, and the other 4 all had over 30.

    April 5, 2024