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  • Well, I possibly should have done this the other night when i was online, but it was after 2. 30am and i thought sleep would be a good idea ... hmmmm updating updating ... being in darwin again is wonderful - i've missed the place, and yes, even the weather - which by the way is absolutely amazingly stupendously GORGEOUS!!!!!

    July 2nd, 2004 mynxii 2004

  • K is in darwin, and given the silence of not hearing from him much i would say he's enjoying himself: P I DID hear that at the wedding he caught the garter - but that's it: P lol hoping that he's really enjoying himself, he hasn't been on a holiday in all the 6 years ive known him so i KNOW he deserves it ... still, i miss him like crazy, especially when waking up in the morning, so looking forwards to wednesday when he gets back. my step brother Damian is in hospital in darwin from an industrial accident at his work - his legs were crushed, 25mm lower and they would have amputated, 25mm higher and he never would have walked again, so he's very lucky.

    May 3rd, 2004 mynxii 2004

  • You know if darwin is right, then your ‘bible’ is all just lying mythology – hadn’t thought about that cognitive disconnect had you?

    Think Progress » Protest Turnout: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Lies 2005

  • I met up with a number of people that I went to highschool with in darwin, and it was good to see them, speak to them, see them alive and well and getting on with their lives … it felt comforting that we’d all come together to say goodbye to Joel, in not a small number of cases, the one who’d brought us together …

    December 29th, 2003 mynxii 2003

  • I've often dreamed about forming an association for every person with the online handle "darwin" ...

    I Want to Know Your Name 2005

  • I've often dreamed about forming an association for every person with the online handle "darwin" ...

    I Want to Know Your Name 2005

  • I've often dreamed about forming an association for every person with the online handle "darwin" ...

    I Want to Know Your Name 2005

  • The first one is the def insert_data (self, values_list, insert_string): '' 'inserts data in the database' '' if sys. platform = = 'darwin': (cursor, database) = link_db (self. db_path) else: (cursor, database) = link_db () cursor. execute (insert_string \% self. table_name, values_list) database. commit () database. close ()

    Planet Python 2009

  • '' 'edits and updates fields' '' if sys. platform = = 'darwin':

    Planet Python 2009

  • Popu Jeez, the militant darwin differently closed save the youthful talking. » Teach Yourself Finnish new books visiting CDs AudioBooks yourself 2010


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  • Also denotes a logarithmic unit of evolution: any quantifiable attribute of an organism, esp. size of physical structures, changing by a factor of e (≈ 2.7182818…) per million years, is evolving at the rate of 1 darwin.

    December 17, 2007

  • Also a city (and I use the term ... loosely) in Australia named after Monkeys' Uncle himself.

    December 17, 2007

  • a logarithmic unit measuring the rate of evolution in characteristics of organisms. If the measurement of a characteristic (such as length, for example) changes from a to b in y million years, then the rate of evolution is (ln b - ln a)/y darwins. (Technically, since the difference in natural logarithms is dimensionless, the darwin is a specialized name for the inverse megayear Ma-1).

    January 21, 2008


    Power to thine elbow, thou newest of sciences,

    All the old landmarks are ripe for decay;

    Wars are but shadows, and so are alliances,

    Darwin the great is the man of the day.

    All other 'ologies want an apology;

    Bread's a mistake--Science offers a stone;

    Nothing is true but Anthropobiology--

    Darwin the great understands it alone.

    Mighty the great evolutionist teacher is,

    Licking Morphology clean into shape;

    Lord! what an ape the Professor or Preacher is,

    Ever to doubt his descent from an ape.

    Man's an Anthropoid--he cannot help that, you know--

    First evoluted from Pongos of old;

    He's but a branch of the catarrhine cat, you know--

    Monkey I mean--that's an ape with a cold.

    Fast dying out are man's later Appearances,

    Cataclysmitic Geologies gone;

    Now of Creation completed the clearance is,

    Darwin alone you must anchor upon.

    Primitive Life--Organisms were chemical,

    Busting spontaneous under the sea;

    Purely subaqueous, panaquademical,

    Was the original Crystal of Me.

    I'm the Apostle of mighty Darwinity,

    Stands for Divinity--sounds much the same--


    Only can doubt whence the lot of us came.

    Down on your knees, Superstition and Flunkeydom!

    Won't you accept such plain doctrines instead?

    What is so simple as primitive Monkeydom

    Born in the sea with a cold in its head?

    Herman Merivale

    February 9, 2009