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  • n. A ceremony supposed to cancel a person's earlier baptism.


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de- +‎ baptism


  • BBC is reporting of the growing demand for 'debaptism' - the 'cancellation' of one's baptism on the grounds that it is imposed upon babies without consent.

    British Blogs

  • Atheist John Hunt is a pioneer in an emerging movement toward "debaptism" - a formal rejection of the creeds of baptism.

    The Minnesota Daily -

  • Despite a letter from Lambeth Palace telling the NSS that it would not sanction any form of official 'debaptism', one diocese is bucking the trend.

    NSS News

  • The "debaptism" effort represents a certain breed of militant, confrontational atheism more concerned with vehemently disassociating themselves from Christianity than maintaining actual religious freedom.

    The Minnesota Daily -

  • Ritual Putrefaction Agence France-Presse reports on the latest craze to sweep England: "debaptism."

    We Shall Overcome?

  • And one relatively brief debaptism ceremony to lighten the mood and have some fun.

    Planet Atheism

  • Church of England changes its mind on debaptism as the trend spreads globally

    NSS News

  • The NSS have produced a debaptism certificate that can be downloaded from the net for £3.

    Cross Rhythms

  • "Most people are voting with their feet, the Church of England and the Catholic Church are both suffering a decline in numbers - that is the biggest form of debaptism."


  • In an attempt to highlight the problem, Dr Hunt appeared in a BBC documentary about the issue, along with Terry Sanderson from the National Secular Society (NSS), and read out a certificate of debaptism.



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  • B.B.C. News: 'The debaptism certificate started out as a kind of satirical comment on the idea that you could be enrolled in a church before you could talk, but it seems to have taken off from there.'

    March 14, 2009