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  • v. To remove necrotic tissue or foreign matter from (a wound or the like).

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • v. to remove (e. g., dead tissue) surgically from a wound.


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  • BTW, The term for what you're describing in the third sentence is 'debride', not 'deabride'.

    HH Com 95

  • Those extensive skin grafts followed 12 rapid-fire operations to "debride" or cut away ravaged soft tissue as the rare necrotising fasciitis bacteria advanced into and up her leg. | Top Stories

  • Her existence soon becomes a haze of pain, skin grafts, surgeries and other treatments to clean and debride her wounds that are so invasive she must be put in a coma from which she doesn't fully wake for weeks.

    A 9/11 Survivor Tells Her Story

  • Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis is treated with surgery to debride (remove) the benign growth from the airway without damaging the underlying structures, such as the vocal folds.

    Recurrent Respiratory Papillomas

  • If I were a Dem Congresssman I would be looking at saving my own ass, and the best “group think” would be to debride the Dem caucus of that pariah

    Please Mr. Bear, Don’t Throw me into the Reconciliation Patch - Dan_Perrin’s blog - RedState

  • I admitted her to the hospital and each morning would debride her burns while she screamed at me, "I hate you."

    Bernie Siegel, M.D.: Why We Become Doctors

  • Mundane words such as lesson plan, morning traffic, boyfriend, and tennis club would in an instant give way to medical terms such as skin graft, debride, burn unit, bum victim.

    Healed by Horses

  • Using my scalpel, I began to debride the area, ridding it of ruined skin and tissue.

    When the Wind Blows

  • - Use a scalpel to debride blisters and non-viable tissue.

    Chapter 15

  • · Use a scalpel to debride blisters and non-viable tissue.

    Chapter 3


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