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  • n. Plural of desideratum.

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  • n. Plural form of desideratum.

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  • See desideratum.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Plural of desideratum.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Latin


  • It is for this reason that the defensive alliance finally emerges as five compact little "groups" of demands, with the vital things directly affecting Chinese sovereignty labelled desiderata, so that Japanese ambassadors abroad could leave very warm assurances at every Foreign Office that there was nothing in what Japan desired which in any way conflicted with the Treaty rights of the

    The Fight for the Republic in China

  • She retrieved these desiderata and placed them carefully in his basket.

    Day of Honey

  • Indeed, if this is one of your desiderata, it would have been much better to be clear from the start.

    Matthew Yglesias » Parallel

  • In the run-up to Obama's picking a secretary, two sides formed in a debate over the desiderata for a secretary and might have duked it out, but only one side was permitted to throw punches in public.

    The Hatchet Job On Linda Darling-Hammond

  • Daily Pundit contributing author SteveF has added the following to his list of site desiderata: » The Next Big Thing in spam control

  • The treatment is really elaborate and luscious, an object lesson in making the physical book into a piece of genuine desiderata, an artifact you want to own as well as read.

    Boing Boing

  • They were hard-headed and patriotic, and their desiderata were reasonable by comparison with the radicals ' utopian ideas about the Soviet Union.

    Liberalism: An Autopsy

  • I'll grant that expanded participation is a desiderata under that concept, but anonymity is not necessarily.

    Rendell: Isn't Popular Vote As Important As Pledged Del Count?

  • Like previous re-releases it has a disc plus of B-sides, live tracks and desiderata.

    One for the Pavement fans

  • Parasites, desiderata lists and the paradox of the organism.

    Parasite Rex


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