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  • adj. Common misspelling of diegetic.


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  • The most intriguing detail of the use of the music is that it's diagetic, that is, it actually exists within the movie.

    In the corners of my mind

  • China Chow states (in a strangely non-diagetic, seemingly godlike voiceover), "we've stocked the studio with everything you could possibly need for this challenge."

    ARTINFO: "WORK OF ART" RECAP: Jumping on the "Noumenon"

  • The shaky cameras and diagetic sound point the film towards an aesthetic that strives to recreate reality.

    The reality of “Rachel Getting Married” » Scene-Stealers

  • It's the prime masterpiece of the period where Verdi went from a talented master of the Italian operatic tradition to a genius of reinvention: Verdi saw that the conventions of bel canto — the coloratura decoration, the steady build from recitative to cavatina to cabaletta, the diagetic justification for dance and popular music — had matured to the point that their mere presence could have dramatic content above and beyond the story.

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • I could easily see it be diagetic music with additional 'point music', as it were, for certain scenes.

    The Music of Thrones

  • A heaping helping of lightning-fast editing and non-diagetic sound effects (like a foreboding, repetitious machine noise) emphasize their strength and power rather than the gory details of the kill.

    “30 Days of Night” feels as long as its title » Scene-Stealers

  • The sense of terrifying globe-threatening panic is surprisingly fresh and tangible even after the repetitive slew of cinematic catastrophes witnessed before in the likes of The Day After Tomorrow and The War of the Worlds, and this is dually thanks to the innovative feel of the hand-held camera and pounding and pulsating murmurs of the diagetic soundtrack.

    CLOVERFIELD | Obsessed With Film

  • "La Mer" is one of three examples in the series where a diagetic song is incorporated into the musical score, thereby transforming it into non-diagetic music.

    Swan Fungus

  • Again, the images live and die by their framing: in one case an obvious, non-diagetic frame seems forced and railroads us into a single interpretation of the image, no matter its beauty.

    Vue Weekly

  • I feel that the majority of the weight of this burden of realism would be lifted if one cinematic element could occur in my life: non-diagetic sound.



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  • adj. pertaining to or coming from the "naturally" occurring events of a film, usually used in reference to the soundtrack of a film; daigetic sound would be attributable to and in sync with the action on the screen, whereas non-diagetic sound would not be attributable to something in addition, i.e. a song, voice-over, or other sound effect that is added to enhance the action of the film.

    January 18, 2010