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  • adj. Not being in accord; conflicting.
  • adj. Disagreeable in sound; harsh or dissonant.

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  • adj. not in harmony or accord
  • adj. harsh or dissonant sounding
  • adj. serodiscordant
  • adj. of a differing type of rock cutting across a formation

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Disagreeing; incongruous; being at variance; clashing; opposing; not harmonious.
  • adj. Dissonant; not in harmony or musical concord; harsh; jarring.
  • adj. Said of strata which lack conformity in direction of bedding, either as in unconformability, or as caused by a fault.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not harmoniously related or connected; disagreeing; incongruous; contradictory; being at variance; clashing: as, discordant opinions; discordant rules or principles.
  • Opposite; contrary; not coincident: as, the discordant attractions of comets or of different planets.
  • Inharmonious; dissonant; harsh, grating, or disagreeable to the ear.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. not in agreement or harmony
  • adj. lacking in harmony


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  • To avoid this nefarious post-conflict infection trap, treatment programs must be paired with commensurate prevention efforts that address epidemic drivers, including concurrent multiple sexual partnerships, long-term discordant couples (where one partner is infected and the other uninfected), and early sexual debut.

    Peter Navario: Zimbabwe's Second Wave?

  • This singular ambition was realized in the remarkable building that now loomed before me, whose design was characterized by a discordant—if not utterly bizarre—juxtaposition of architectural embellishments, from medieval battlements, to Corinthian columns, to Oriental minarets, to the sort of elaborately scrolled buttresses characteristic of the Italian baroque—the entire, unparalleled combination giving to the whole an air of Arabian Nights fantasticalness, as though the building had sprung full-blown from the teeming reveries of an inordinately imaginative child.


  • Deleuzean Kant would describe as a discordant harmony.

    Rhyming Sensation in 'Mont Blanc'

  • Blue and green have been termed discordant, and in painting they may undoubtedly be made so.

    Field's Chromatography or Treatise on Colours and Pigments as Used by Artists

  • For music to be beautiful, the voices must not only be true, clear, and distinct from one another, but also united together in such a way that there may arise a just consonance and harmony which is not unfitly termed a discordant harmony or rather harmonious discord.

    Treatise on the Love of God

  • If the pair were discordant, that is one had schizophrenia and the other did not then the non - schizophrenic was followed for at least 13 years to see if it developed later.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • I also COMPLETELY disagree that Obama's speech was "discordant".

    Matalin: With Afghan surge, Obama resembles George W. Bush

  • Meanwhile, Peach's poo-colored top is "discordant" with her polka dot skirt

    Una LaMarche: Project Runway Episode 2 Recap: Size Matters

  • An advertisement for a cholesterol drug, for instance, could be considered misleading if it contains upbeat music and "discordant" images of patients benefiting from the medicine while the risk information is detailed.

    FDA Gives Advice on Divulging Risks

  • [M] any [are] in disguises and masks; and all have some kind of discordant and noisy music, such as old kettles, and shovels, and tongs ....

    The WELL: Sugaree


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  • "Justice is sweet and musical; but injustice is harsh and discordant." -- Henry David Thoreau

    October 22, 2007