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  • n. Eye dialect spelling of dozen.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A dozen; specifically, a dozen cuts of yarn.


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  • On floo Pottie yalpin '"Pileece," "Murder," "Help," wi' Sandy at his tails, an 'the ither half-dizzen followin' up, pechin 'like cadgers' pownies.

    My Man Sandy

  • There's twal 'or fifteen dizzen o' gude eggs bruist to bits.

    My Man Sandy

  • "No, I havena gi'en you a sang," he replied with a coarse laugh, "but I hae paid for a 'the drinks, an' I suppose that'll please the maist o 'you better than a dizzen sangs frae me."

    The Underworld The Story of Robert Sinclair, Miner

  • ‘I had maist forgotten’t, ’ said the hardy Borderer; ‘but I think this morning, now that I am fresh and sober, if you and I were at the Withershins’ Latch, wi’ ilka ane a gude oak souple in his hand, we wadna turn back, no for half a dizzen o’ yon scaff-raff.

    Chapter XXV

  • "Tu or dree dizzen, an 'half a ton o' coral an 'some wild-crabs."

    A Poor Man's House

  • There's no room for anither dizzen in yer auld kailyaird onyway -- an 'that I'm tellin' ye.

    The Lilac Sunbonnet

  • "He means that there's six o 'yin an' half a dizzen o 'the ither," I explained, to smooth her down.

    Bog-Myrtle and Peat Tales Chiefly of Galloway Gathered from the Years 1889 to 1895

  • An ugly, pock-faaced chief wi 'hauf a dizzen loons asked me ta way to Dunroe.

    Three Boys or the Chiefs of the Clan Mackhai

  • 'There was a half-dizzen o' fowk stan'in 'aboot, and I bude (behoved) to speik whan I was spoken till.'

    Robert Falconer

  • There was jist a de'il's dizzen o 'them an whaurever ye began to count them, the thirteent had aye a reid baird.



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  • To dance until one falls down. (according to NPR's Says You)

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