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  • adj. Having wide-open, innocent-appearing eyes: doe-eyed children gazing at the shelves of candy.
  • adj. Credulous and unsophisticated; naive: "Many doe-eyed investors go bankrupt within a year, sometimes by expanding too fast, sometimes because of pure ignorance” ( Scott Baldauf).

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  • adj. With the eyes wide open, so as to appear childishly innocent.


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  • Wouldn't it be wonderfully cathartic if all it took to tame that doe-eyed, imbecilic half-man -- not Charlie Sheen, we're talking about the child character Jake -- was someone who took the time to sit down with him and treat him like a German Shepard about to be euthanized? Retaining the Sheen: The Worst Possible Two and a Half Men Replacements

  • She's petite, button-nosed, doe-eyed, with a boyish thatching of short hair flopped over her forehead.

    Oscars: Inside the Vanity Fair party after the awards

  • That said, let us not ignore the violent and hypocritical rhetoric of Hamas, and while they are certainly the underdog, they are far from the doe-eyed innocents they would like everyone to see them as.

    789 and counting*

  • It was a mix between a doe-eyed pinup princess with platinum blond curls and a tattooed rockabilly girl who had a, shall we say, strange obsession with spiders.

    My Fair Wedding

  • His dating habits had been filler for gossip writers, who could always fill a hole in their columns with the latest doe-eyed model or voluptuous actress seen on his arm at the cancer ball or Kennedy Center awards.

    O: A Presidential Novel

  • It's the musical equivalent of a tiny, month-old kitten looking at you doe-eyed.

    Joseph Patterson: Ten Grime Tracks of the Last Decade

  • Three weeks after opening, despite tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars in radio, television, and newspaper advertising, and a big promotion by a "shocked" and doe-eyed Oprah who never imagined how poorly some schools were performing, the movie remains in limited release at a few theaters, mostly in Manhattan.

    Alan Singer: No Longer Waiting for "Superman"

  • This subsequent episode dwells upon the fight in between vampires as well as werewolves as doe-eyed mortal Bella gets caught in the middle.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • Not that doe-eyed Nguyen, 28, won't date passengers.

    Fly Girls: TV series follows flight attendants at home and in the air

  • Including the delusional types like first-one-out doe-eyed songwriter Nevin, who declares "I am the leader of men and people look to me for direction," before his first "hook" is called out for sounding too much like "Candle in the Wind," then is booted for writing the worst lyric to the bottom-ranking song.

    Matt's TV Week in Review


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  • in reference to hash browns, served with chunks of venison.

    September 22, 2009