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  • v. To aim; purpose; intend; attempt; try.
  • v. To expect; reckon; count on.
  • v. To take aim.
  • v. To make attempt.
  • v. To direct one's course.
  • v. To aspire; be ambitious.
  • n. Intention; intent; aim.
  • v. To earn.

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  • transitive v. To earn. [Obs.] See addle, to earn.

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  • To aim; propose; intend; attempt; try.
  • To expect; reckon: as, I'm ettling he'll be here the morn.
  • To take aim.
  • To make attempt.
  • To direct one's course.
  • To aspire; be ambitious.
  • n. Intention; intent; aim.
  • n. A variant of addle.
  • n. A nettle.


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From Middle English etlien, atlien, from Old Norse ǣtla ("to think, mean, suppose, intend, purpose"), from Proto-Germanic *ahtalōnan (“to strive, think”), from Proto-Indo-European *ok- (“to think, intend, purpose”); partly from Middle English aghtelen, ahtlien ("to think, esteem, purpose, set out, arrange"), from a frequentative variant of Old English eahtian ("to estimate, esteem, fix the character or quality of something, consult about, consider, deliberate, mediate, devise, watch over, speak of with praise"), from West Germanic *ahtōna (“to think, believe, fear”), from Proto-Germanic *ahwjanan (“to believe, intend, think, fear”), from Proto-Indo-European *okʷ-, *h₃ekʷ- (“to see”). Cognate with Dutch achten ("to deem, regard, esteem, think"), German achten ("to heed, respect, value"), Danish agte ("to esteem, intend, observe, heed"), Gothic 𐌰𐌷𐌾𐌰𐌽 (ahjan, "to think"). More at eye.

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A variation of addle ("to earn").


  • They that ettle to the top of the ladder will at least get up some rounds.

    The Monastery

  • Dinna ettle at a penny more; he micht gang back upo' 't.

    Warlock o' Glenwarlock

  • Shame fa' him, say I,'at made his siller as a flesher i' the wast wyn' o' Howglen, to ettle at a gentleman o' a thoosan' year for ane o' his queans!

    Warlock o' Glenwarlock


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  • From Old Norse ǣtla (to think, mean, suppose, intend, purpose) and from Old English eahtan (pursue, estimate, appreciate) and eahtian (æ, e) (to estimate, esteem, consult about, consider, deliberate: watch over, speak of with praise). Ger. achten

    eahtung f. estimation, valuation, deliberation, counsel.

    November 3, 2011

  • Scots - to attempt to do something.

    December 26, 2007