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  • n. The quality or condition of being a fact: historical facticity.

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  • n. literally the quality or state of being a fact
  • n. Philosophy: considered one's place, body, past, position, and fundamental relationship to the Other.
  • n. The collection of "facts" and/or labels which are one half of a dichotomy between transcendence (of consciousness) and a person's facticity.


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  • Otlet believed in the possibility of empirical truth, or what he called "facticity" - a property that emerged over time, through the ongoing collaboration between readers and writers.

    Comments at Boxes and Arrows

  • The rest of it, the facticity, which is, obviously, under all kinds of contestation, she let that go.

    'Strange Culture' May Grow on Film Fans

  • Some of them: "facticity", sure, and teachin' the SF nerds a lesson, yup, but formally, no, as there is no particular reason for this particular narrator to sit down and review his life in the manner he actually did.

    "Bone Women" by Eliot Fintushel

  • Which is to say, the meme - but, also, its attachments, that which makes it 'take hold', as Althusser defined 'facticity'.

    archive : s0metim3s

  • And if so, to what extent is it authentic in capital "E" Existential terms, insofar as it is a matter of facticity, rather than volition?

    Michael Vazquez: On Nénette

  • In Remainder cricket is pure facticity, which keeps coming at you, carrying death, leaving its mark.

    Zadie Smith, Mark Thwaite, Negativity and Whining for the New

  • He would have regarded it as terrible pose to place the book somewhere between the pataphysics of Alfred Jarry (the scientist of imaginary solutions) and the metaphysics of Martin Heidegger (the analyst of the hermeneutics of facticity).

    The Last Laugh

  • What's instructive is to look at how the Obama campaign responded: challenge the facticity and factiousness of the ACORN story -- and get it explained about how ridiculous it is, and let the pictures of the McCain/Palin supporters diffuse themselves across the i-net.

    Colin Powell Endorses Obama

  • Now, every mode of occurrence has, as such, its determinate (factical) chairological character (Χαιρός chairos — time), its determinate relation to time, i.e., to its time, and this relation lies in the sense of the nexus of actualization of facticity.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • In the present context, we introduce the chairological which, according to our considerations, is incorporated into a genuine sphere of problems relating, in principle, to facticity only to show in it the specific ruinance of caring. i.e., of factical life.

    Archive 2009-03-01


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  • Desire made me cross over to the other side, desire and the facticity of my body.

    —Jeffrey Eugenides, 2002, Middlesex, p. 479

    August 17, 2008