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  • adj. Slang Utterly botched or confused.


f(ucked) u(p) b(eyond) a(ll) r(ecognition).
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • I'm sorry that name fubar is going to be something they never live down.

    Transformers News

  • How these issues arise in one painting is up for debate and is indicative of the show's title, "Clusterfubar," an acronym fubar stands for "fucked up beyond all recognition" used to characterize the current socio-political environment.

    ArtScene: December Shows to Catch Before They Close

  • "Clusterfubar," an acronym fubar stands for "fucked up beyond all recognition" used to characterize the current socio-political environment.

    The Full Feed from

  • So how 'bout simply saying a muted but sincere 'Thank you, God' for an honest and smart president who's trying to move ahead by untangling the 'fubar' mess left by the crooks, dummies and wackos who ruled Washington for eight long years.

    Giles Slade: Obama Without Glamour

  • November 20th, 2008 at 11: 30 am if we fight iran then china, russia will war with us china (needs oil) Russia (sends tech, economics support) an they will torch saudi arabia, iraq oil fields …. with heavy missile operations then where "fubar".

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • "fubar" = ~ pattern = > nil After defining the relevant zip code constant, first we replicate the pattern used in the validation; notice in particular that variable interpolation works in regular expressions.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • And in weird news, my counter bar thingo's gone fubar.

    Reluctant Mage wordcount

  • Here's the schedule (but if you're coming in to see anyone else, I suggest you double check with the shop on 07 3236 2750 just in case there's been a last minute fubar):

    Nudge, nudge

  • SNAFU/FUBAR on May 15, 2009 at 8: 06 am Finger moose fubar indeed. on May 15, 2009 at 7: 11 am Olivers Army

    What A Bunch Of Plonkers « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • And, because YouTube's playlist autoplay seems to be fubar, Part 2 appears here after the jump ...

    April 2010


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  • WORD: fubar

    DEFINITION: "fouled up beyond all recognition."

    ' The word snafu, derived from the initials of situation normal, all fouled up, was welcomed into the American language during World War II, and remains a useful part of the language today. Fubar, a closely related word, was coined at about the same time, and is now all but forgotten. Fubar is worthy of a better fate, meaning as it does fouled up beyond all recognition. It is a particularly useful and interesting word in that it describes a misfortune brought about not by malice but by administrative accidents in some large and complex organization. '

    --- 2009. KURT VONNEGUT. Look at the Birdie. (Previously unpublished short fiction, posthumously collected, with a foreword by Sidney Offit). ISBN 978-0-385-34371-8. "F U B A R." (Page 21).

    May 10, 2014

  • Abbreviation for "Fucked Up Beyond All Repair" FUBAR was painted on damaged military equipment to indicate that it was so damaged as to be unrepairable.

    June 9, 2009

  • F-fucked U-up B-beyond A-all R-recognition

    Oy vey
    Found in I Blame the Patriarchy blog
    Published by Twisty on March 5, 2009 in Announcements. 0 Comments
    "Yes, I know, comments are fubar. And lard knows what else. Please bear with during these trying times. I’ll fix it somehow. I always do."

    March 6, 2009

  • Ah, I see - so just because you are intimately acquainted with foo doesn't mean you like foobar. Your use of the word foo reminds me of grok.

    October 5, 2007

  • arb, I agree with you. I use foo all the time because... I have no idea why, actually. It just sort of insinuated itself into my brain. I use 'em for different things, though. For me foo is all purpose and neutral. Fubar is for when things are, well, fucked.

    October 5, 2007

  • John I know you like foobar better, but I prefer this spelling because of the acronym.

    October 5, 2007

  • December 17, 2006

  • F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition.

    December 10, 2006