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  • adj. wonderful; fascinating; delightful


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  • To know your power, and to feel the sweet security of your own happy state; to send the unlucky one, broken-hearted, to foreign climes, while you congratulate yourself as he presses his last kiss upon your knuckles, that your nails are well manicured -- say, girls, it's galluptious -- don't ever let it get by you.

    Strictly business: more stories of the four million


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  • The earliest occurrence of this spelling* I can find on Google Books appears in The Metal Worker, Vol. V, No. 14, published 1876 April 1:

    “Your grandfather would as soon have spit In his wife’s best bonnet as in that galluptious cuspadore, and your grandmother would have got a glass case made for that coal vase and kept It on exhibition in the best parlor.”

    The phrase galluptious cuspadore in which it appears† is causing me to swoon. As far as I can tell it hasn't been repeated in the century-and-a-third since.‡ Someone please use this phrase as a name for your book or your band or your child§ immediately. Thank you.


    * The spelling “goluptious” is more common, with “about 848 results”, as opposed to 143 for “galluptious”.

    † And on April 1st, no less.

    ‡ At this time, the phrase is a bona fide Googlewhack, although of course that will no longer be true soon after I post this.

    § Or, I suppose, your spittoon.

    February 25, 2012