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  • adj. Of, relating to, or existing as a gas.
  • adj. Lacking substance or concreteness; tenuous or indefinite.
  • adj. Full of or containing gas; gassy.

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  • adj. Relating to, or existing as, gas.
  • adj. Of a liquid containing bubbles: gassy.
  • adj. Tenuous or indefinite.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. In the form, or of the nature, of gas, or of an aëriform fluid.
  • adj. Lacking substance or solidity; tenuous.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In the form of gas or an aëriform fluid; of the nature of gas.
  • Figuratively, wanting substance or solidity; flimsy.

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  • adj. existing as or having characteristics of a gas


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  • Specifically the H5N1 (SAa2,3Gal) receptors were found “on non-ciliated cuboidal cells at the junction between the respiratory bronchiole and alveolus” and on “a substantial number of cells lining the alveolar wall. ” (This describes the substance of the lung tissue involved in gaseous exchange.)

    Think Progress » An Inconvenient Truth and An Intolerable Summer

  • It also shows large isotope effects, since condenses to liquid at 4.2 K, while the more rare isotope remains in gaseous form down to 3.2 K. Helium was first liquefied by Heike Kamerlingh-Onnes in 1909.

    The Nobel Prizes in Physics 1901-2000

  • His first problem involved the study, by flow techniques, of free radicals produced in gaseous photochemical reactions.

    George Porter - Biography

  • I'État dilué (Chemical equilibria in gaseous systems or strongly diluted solutions), which dealt with this theory of dilute solutions.

    Jacobus H. van 't Hoff - Biography

  • I think not; and the conclusion implied by our authors seems to me eminently probable, that in the so-called ether we have simply a state of matter more primitive than what we know as the gaseous state.

    The Unseen World, and Other Essays

  • Satan, witnessed the Creation, and described how the heavenly bodies were brought into existence, he having perceived what we should call the gaseous elements of matter rolled into whorls and vortices which became condensed into suns and systems of worlds.

    The Astronomy of Milton's 'Paradise Lost'

  • But they have discovered what we would call gaseous oil, and have learned to put it to work, so that it is the main force employed in hoisting and all other purposes where power is required.

    Life in a Thousand Worlds

  • This would give each atom a larger sphere of freedom in which to move, and that state would then be called a gaseous and not a liquid one.

    Aether and Gravitation

  • The pulse, apparently full, was easily compressible, and was what might be called a gaseous pulse, and a resort to the lancet

    A History of Caroline County, Virginia

  • This is known as the gaseous fermentation, and the effect of it is to render the wine more enlivening, more stinging to the taste, and more fruity.

    Great Fortunes and How They Were Made


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