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  • adj. Of or relating to the geometry of geodesics.
  • adj. Of or relating to geodesy.
  • n. The shortest line between two points on any mathematically defined surface.

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  • n. the shortest line between two points on a specific surface
  • adj. of or relating to geodesy
  • adj. of or relating to a geodesic dome

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to geodesy; geodetic.
  • adj. Made of lightweight structural supporting elements connected in a manner to provide great rigidity; -- of structures.
  • n. A geodetic line or curve.

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  • Same as geodetic
  • n. A geodesic line.

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  • adj. of or relating to or determined by geodesy
  • n. (mathematics) the shortest line between two points on a mathematically defined surface (as a straight line on a plane or an arc of a great circle on a sphere)


From geodesy.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • Ventura Puente and Camelinas (the southern periferico) sit the Convention Center, Planetarium, Teatro Morelos, and the Orquidario --- twin geodesic domes house an outstanding orchid collection.

    Mexico's Morelia - More Than Meets The Eye

  • Also, the precise mathematical form Poincaré chose had to make the Poincaré-line that joins any two points the shortest path between them called a geodesic, just as the usual line is the shortest path between points in Euclidean space.

    Euclid’s Window

  • Great circle path truest shortest, aka geodesic bulges towards southeast.

    The Myth of the strategic location of the Taiwan Strait

  • A geodesic is the shortest path between two points.

    Interesting Thing of the Day

  • The equation of motion is then the so-called geodesic equation, the shortest curve in an arbitrary background, which is not usually - as in flat space, e.g. a lawn - just a straight line:


  • Gravitons are not a relativity claim, it is an attempt to make gravity into a gauge field theory like electromagnetism and nuclear forces, which use bosons to mediate interactions between particles (and there's no evidence for it) ... general relativity explains gravity as particles following a "geodesic" in the warped geometry of space-time

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • My dad sold and built geodesic domes and we lived in one from the time I was 8 to when I graduated from high school.

    Dome Houses « Awful Library Books

  • My boss just made a joke about geodesic domes buildings being the “wave of the future” last week.

    Dome Houses « Awful Library Books

  • If the satellite turned on a rocket and left its geodesic, then it would be acted on by a force, but that force would be due to the rocket.

    Objections to Kaku and Liu’s “How to Time Travel?”

  • Regulars have gone on at length, to me, about the various types of Barbie one may collect, geodesic dome houses, and all sort of other veins of human interest.

    One step beyond… « Awful Library Books


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