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  • v. To release live offspring from the body into the environment
  • v. To become the female parent of.
  • v. To become the source of.

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  • v. create or produce an idea
  • v. cause to be born


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  • The fact that I gained about enough weight to give birth to a 260-pound baby elephant is irrelevant.

    You’ll Lose the Baby Weight

  • She had seen Ayla's bone-wrenching delivery, as she had seen other women give birth before.

    The Clan of the Cave Bear

  • I wondered if Dr. Lamaze watched animals give birth before he came up with his natural birth concept involving panting and relaxing?

    Barbara Bush

  • “Obviously neither of you is aware that on Ferenginar, the civil standardization authorities use Base as an example of what happens when pregnant Ferengi females travel in space and are subjected to radiation: They give birth to something like … well, Base.”


  • "After all," the ship chuckled, "there aren't many women," and Helva used the word proudly, knowing that she had passed as surely from girlhood to woman's estate as any of her mobile sisters, "who give birth to 110,000 babies at one time."

    the ship who sang

  • One of his recipes for the fabrication of living creatures is well known: putrid rags stuffed in a container together with wheat-grains will, after twenty days, give birth to mice!


  • They needed each other and were saddened that Ovra would probably not give birth to a living baby.

    The Clan of the Cave Bear

  • The Constituent Assembly had attempted to form a code that might counteract the spirit of legal disputation, for which the French are so remarkable; but this single decree will give birth to more processes than all the pandects, canons, and droits feodaux, accumulated since the days of Charlemagne; and I doubt, though one half the nation were lawyers, whether they might not find sufficient employment in demalgamating the property of the other half.

    A Residence in France During the Years 1792 1793 1794 and 1795

  • Thus there arose all that was needed to give birth to a whole science, the science of casuistry: a social need, a group of men who had to fulfil it (the confession-hearing and guidance-giving clergy), and a host of questions difficult enough to arouse lively inter - est and to demand sustained ratiocination.


  • One night he had a dream that his daughter Mandane would someday give birth to a son who would rule all of Asia.

    Alexander the Great


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