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  • n. A period of prosperity or happiness
  • n. Plural form of good time.


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  • Dear Arthur, I shall live now to see him master at the Chase, and making good times on the estate, like a generous-hearted fellow as he is.

    Adam Bede

  • Quiet pride in the fierce independence of the Diggers, in their stoicism and in their unfailing loyalty to their mates through good times and bad.

    Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli, Turkey - The Hon Stephen Smith MP, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs

  • Good-bye good times and childhood and being young and having fun.


  • There were good times and good moments, none of them given us by those who shipped us off—greedy contractors, indifferent shufflers of paper, port-swilling barons and admirals.

    Morgan’s Run

  • These are good times for people who seek to limit the consequences of grains in their life but are occasionally nostalgic for the old munchie and carb-y comfort food experiences.

    The Truth About Beauty

  • I thought of all the good times we shared on and under the silk sheets and faux-fur spread.

    Real wifeys

  • Understanding this phenomenon, Ruick let the good times effervesce at the cost of radio discipline for exactly two minutes.

    Blood Lure

  • The young, we may be sure, would often hear their elders speak of the good times of Duke Stanislas, of the Duke (the philosophe bienfaisant) himself, and of the strange land and people he came from.

    Frederic Chopin as a Man and Musician

  • Percy was mommer's angel boy with the sunny curls, who was to be raised a gentleman and to be “shielded from the vulgar surroundings and coarse associations of her husband's youth,” and he was proud popper's pet, whose good times weren't going to be spoiled by a narrow-minded old brute of a father, or whose talents weren't going to be smothered in poverty, the way the old man's had been.

    Old Gorgon Graham

  • "To good times again," said Pearl in that wonderful smoke-and-whiskey voice of hers.



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