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  • noun An old soldier.
  • noun games, slang Someone who enjoys playing board wargames, particularly the counter-heavy strategy board wargames from the 1970s and 1980s.
  • noun games, slang Someone who enjoys playing previous editions of roleplaying games when new editions of the game are available.
  • noun computer games, slang Inside the computer game development industry, a game fan who will buy every game released in a certain genre of computer game (RTS, or computer role-playing game, etc.).


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From French grognard ("old soldier")


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  • This blog takes its name from the French word grognard, which means roughly "grumbler" or "grouch."

    What's a Grognard? James Maliszewski 2008

  • This from a "grognard" who owns only three RPG books published since 1987 Gygax's Living Fantasy and Kuntz's Bottle City and Living Room.

    Two Possibilities James Maliszewski 2008

  • Anyway, I agree that being a "grognard" I hate the sound of the word, BTW is a matter of perspective on the shift in prevailing RPG style rather than a matter of vintage.

    Kids James Maliszewski 2008

  • Such is the reason why, although I can enjoy "old school gaming" one one level, I'll never call myself an "old school gamer" or a "grognard".

    Kids James Maliszewski 2008

  • I think it's more likely that my understanding of "grognard" is more restrictive than the general usage.

    Kids James Maliszewski 2008

  • He's taking the most extreme type of 'grognard' and then using his perception of that individual to construct an other to define himself.

    Live and Learn James Maliszewski 2008

  • When I was younger, I never heard the term -- or "grognard" for that matter -- and it wasn't until the late 80s/early 90s that I have any recollection of a distinction being made between "old school" games and what we were playing at the time.

    "Old School" James Maliszewski 2008

  • In the vernacular of game lore, a "grognard" is one who plays board wargames fn1.

    Grognards 2007

  • Avalon Hill and Diplomacy gave birth to a new subspecies of hobbyist: the grognard (The origins of which probably date to a term used for "a soldier of Napoleon's Old Guard").

    Boys, Men and the War-Strategy Game 2010

  • The “grognard squad” has gotten quieter over time.

    Three Games I’ve Avoided « Geek Related 2008


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  • According to '"Grognard" was a slang term for members of Napoleon's Old Guard. Hardcore board wargamers adopted it as a term for themselves. By extention, grognard capture means capture of a game style by the hardest-core and most experienced players—to the ultimate exclusion of others.'

    December 1, 2007

  • At first blush I thought "grognard" referred to a heavy drinker--not to a heavy game player.

    July 27, 2012

  • Just learned this term as applied to the board game reviewer in this video:

    July 12, 2016