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  • n. Enjoyment derived from hatred of a person or thing.


Blend of hate and pathos. According to journalist Alex Heard, this word was coined in 1985 when he was searching for a word to describe the "cringe-y feeling you get when celebs go AWOL" and attended a Super Bowl party where he and another guest, then-Bob Dole press aide Scott Richardson, exchanged ideas until they came up with "hathos."[2] The word's first apparent use in print was in an essay by Heard, published in the The Washington Post on May 17, 1987.[3] (Wiktionary)


  • Douglas LeBlanc was the GetReligionista who was officially in charge of posting "hathos" alerts linked to mainstream media coverage of religion news.


  • If I'm getting this "hathos" thing (and I'm not clear that I am) wouldn't "Santa Baby" sung by ANYONE from Eartha Kitt to Taylor Swift be an example?

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  • He's still out there, lurking, and he sent us an alert this morning for the first hathos - A pleasurable sense of loathing, or a loathing sense of pleasure, aroused by certain schlocky, schmaltzy or just - plain-bad show-business personalities: "Hearing the audience applaud when Dr. Joyce Brothers told Merv Griffin that, aside from being a brilliant comedienne, Charo is a 'genius on the classical guitar' filled me with hathos."


  • As for hathos-inducing Christmas carols, they include, but are not limited to, "Grandma got run over by a reindeer",

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  • Compliments of the season, Mr. Covarrubias. hathos, a term for attraction to something one finds repellant.

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  • I'm also indebted to Mr. Covarrubias for a new word, hathos attraction to something one finds repellant.

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  • For any baseball fan, the name of Pete Rose generates an instant reaction, ranging from gut-level hathos, to naked contempt, to misplaced adolation.

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  • Thomas Kinkade movies, Kirk Cameron (Oh, the hathos!), and hot chicks with d-bags?

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  • K’dackis’s appeal went beyond mere hathos and anger.

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  • He's also more commonly known to regular readers of Buffalo Pundit's blog as a desperate attention whore with a burning hathos for our site.

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  • Is this a portmanteau for hate + pathos (or bathos)?

    December 19, 2008

  • So where are all the s-word listers for this one?

    August 23, 2008

  • (fr. WordSpy, n.) Feelings of pleasure derived from hating someone or something.

    May 15, 2008