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  • n. A rectangular woolen or linen cloak worn by men and women in ancient Greece.

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  • n. A rectangular cloak of linen or wool, worn in Ancient Greece, usually over a chiton.

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  • n. In ancient Greek costume, a rectangular piece of woolen stuff, usually five or six feet wide and twice as long, worn wrapped about the body in different ways, according to the taste of the wearer, either as an outer garment over the tunic, by both sexes, or at times, by men, as the sole garment. The himation was often made of fine stuff, and richly embroidered.


Greek hīmation, diminutive of hīma, hīmat-, garment, variant of heima, from hennunai, to clothe.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • The adjustment of the himation is a work of great art.

    A Day in Old Athens; a Picture of Athenian Life

  • The difference cannot be that our language contains a single word (˜man™) for a rational animal, but no single word for a pale man, for Aristotle has already conceded (1029b28) that we might very well have had a single term (he suggests himation, literally ˜cloak™) for a pale man, but that would still not make the formula ˜pale man™ a definition nor pale man an essence (1030a2).

    Aristotle's Metaphysics

  • Paint and tattoos adorned bodies sometimes naked, oftener wrapped in a dyed woolen kilt-a sort of primitive himation-or attired in breeches and perhaps a tunic of gaudy hues.

    The Boat of a Million Years

  • Rather with one hand he trhew back the himation, over his shoulders.

    Rogue Of Gor

  • There about twenty feet away, in a dirty woolen himation, stood a tall, unshaven man.

    Rogue Of Gor

  • The matron brought her himation of dyed saffron, the lucky color of fertility and joy.

    Funeral Games

  • She had come, the morning being fresh, with a himation round her shoulders.

    Funeral Games

  • Eurydike went ashore with a long cloak over her tunic, and, in the lodging, assumed himation and robe.

    Funeral Games

  • The sky was bright; so were the girls, each in her festal dress, the peplos damp-pleated into tiny clinging folds, and fastened on the shoulders with gold brooches; the himation draped across, often an heirloom, with borders of six months 'work; hair freshly washed and waved, combed down over back and breasts.

    The Praise Singer

  • {Ho anaballomenos phôs hôs himation} ({Antiphônon I 'Êchos pl. b'})

    Hymns of the Greek Church Translated with Introduction and Notes


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  • This is one of the rare words in English where -tion is pronounced as two syllables (/tee-on/) instead of one (/shun/).

    September 17, 2008

  • voluptuous folds of fabric draped over one shoulder and reaching to the ankle

    September 17, 2008

  • A rectangular woolen or linen cloak worn by men and women in ancient Greece.

    July 23, 2007