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  • adj. Extremely modern, bordering on the futuristic.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to hypermodernism.


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hyper- +‎ modern


  • Today, nearly a century later, he would delight to know that his "hypermodern" approach is widely accepted.

    Five Best

  • Another school of thought, known as "hypermodern" opening theory, disputes the idea that a player must occupy the center of the board to be effective.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • Black played in accordance with 'hypermodern' principles for much of the game, i.e. allowing White to occupy the centre and targeting it from afar.

    Susan Polgar Chess Daily News and Information

  • Sandwiched between all sorts of sleek hypermodern devices for listening are boxed sets of music rather less than hypermodern—a "Super Deluxe Edition" of the Who's "Quadrophenia"; "The Smile Sessions" from the Beach Boys; something or other from Pink Floyd.

    Creativity Doesn't Want to Be Contained

  • I collect a lot of hypermodern lit, which is a different game from buying Keats and Yeats.

    Where to invest in Rare Books…

  • Looking like a massive computer chip or the disc of the sun rising up from the Mediterranean coast, the hypermodern successor to the ancient library of Alexandria stands out as a beacon of hope, efficiency and enlightenment among the crumbling buildings of Egypt's second-largest city.

    A Symbol for the New Egypt

  • A wild tactical endgame with a hypermodern check mate.

    Baby Blue

  • He did, because two weeks later, Assange and his trusted colleague Daniel who then went by the pseudonym Daniel Schmitt, but has since broken with WikiLeaks to launch OpenLeaks, and is now known by his real name, Daniel Domscheit-Berg were with us at the hypermodern Torre Agbar building in Barcelona, where some 350 people from all over Europe had come to PdF to talk about how technology was changing politics.

    Micah Sifry: EXCLUSIVE: Wikileaks, Assange, And Why There's No Turning Back

  • Called the Corpus Clock —it's installed at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge, England—the timepiece was designed by John Taylor , an alumnus, clock collector, and lifelong inventor who wanted to blend 18th-century tech with a hypermodern aesthetic.

    Ravenous Clock Runs Backward, Scares Children

  • It's like the endgame in which a master of the hypermodern style owns the center of the board with open lines to every corner, and the poor Ruy Lopez player can only watch in dismay as his wheels off.

    Obama Going Up On The Air In Georgia, North Dakota, And ... Arizona!


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  • A school of chess openings which involves controlling the center of the board with distant pieces, rather than the classical openings, which use pawns. A fianchetto is common. Examples include the Reti, King's Indian Defense, Alekhine's Defense, and the Pirc Defense.

    February 21, 2007