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  • n. Any of several herbivorous mammals of the family Procaviidae within the order Hyraoidea of Africa and adjacent Asia, resembling woodchucks or similar rodents but more closely related to the hoofed mammals. Also called coney1, dassie.

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  • n. any of several small, ungulate herbivorous mammals, of the order Hyracoidea, with a bulky frame and fang-like incisors; they are native to Africa and the Middle East.

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  • n. Any animal of the genus Hyrax, of which about four species are known. They constitute the order Hyracoidea. The best known species are the daman (Hyrax Syriacus) of Palestine, and the klipdas (Hyrax capensis) of South Africa. Other species are Hyrax arboreus and Hyrax Sylvestris, the former from Southern, and the latter from Western, Africa. See Daman.

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  • n. The typical genus of the family Hyracidæ and order Hyracoidea, having the molar teeth like those of a rhinoceros in pattern, the lower incisors only slightly notched, the upper incisors approximated, and the upper lip cleft.
  • n. [lowercase] An animal of the genus Hyrax.

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  • n. any of several small ungulate mammals of Africa and Asia with rodent-like incisors and feet with hooflike toes


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New Latin, from Greek hurax, shrew mouse.

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From Ancient Greek ὕραξ (hurax, "shrewmouse").


  • CORWIN: And actually, the hyrax, which is so amazing, is a relative of elephants.

    CNN Transcript Jul 26, 2005

  • JEDDAH: There is a little known furry critter known as the hyrax that scurries about on rocks in Saudi Arabia.

    arabnews - frontpage

  • They are said to proceed from a kind of hyrax (?) about the size of a rabbit; the Krumen call it a 'bush-dog', and, as will appear, Cameron holds it to be a lemur.

    To The Gold Coast for Gold, Vol. II A Personal Narrative

  • "The hunter should patiently wait until the first hyrax, which is usually the leader, comes out of its hiding to lead the others.

    arabnews - frontpage

  • The same prohibition applies to the hyrax as to rabbits and hares.

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • “The hyrax chews the cud but does not have split hooves; so it is unclean” Leviticus 11:5 NLT.

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • There is something inexplicable about East Africa: its endless skies dotted with puffs of clouds that seem within arms reach, the smell of dry brush on the savannah, the billowing dust on rutted dirt roads; the screams of a hyrax, the way the sun, cartoon-like, suddenly pops up at dawn and as quickly drops down at the same time every evening.

    Birute Regine: Be a Vote for Ubuntu

  • Mr. Laudamiel used 25 ingredients to create the scent, including amyl acetate, which smells like pear and banana, synthetic civet, which smells vaguely fecal, and hyraceum absolute, an extract made from the excrement of the rock hyrax, a small African mammal.

    What's That Smell?

  • Log in to Reply inkbot (UID#1384) on October 30th, 2009 at 12: 40 pm wtf is a hyrax?

    Country name etymology – Europa | My[confined]Space

  • There are rock hyrax droppings everywhere – a vital sign as leopards love to eat these small mammals.

    Ghost safari: spotting leopards in Oman


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  • the elephant's closest living relative, looks rather like a marmot with no tail

    February 8, 2007