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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of immerse.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Deeply plunged into anything, especially a fluid.
  • Deeply occupied; engrossed; entangled.
  • Growing wholly under water.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Deeply plunged into a fluid, or, figuratively, into some state, occupation, etc.
  • In botany:
  • Growing wholly under water, as aquatic plants.
  • Originating beneath the surface of the matrix, or beneath the soil
  • In entomology, said of a part which is somewhat or wholly sunken in another part, as the head when it is covered by the prothorax.


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  • Fray Ignatius says he went into the Colorado and was what they call immersed; he that was baptized with holy water by the thrice holy bishop of Durango.

    Remember the Alamo

  • When I was still in French-immersed gradeschool, I learned quickly that English words don't map nicely to French words in phrases all the time.

    Computers deciphering languages

  • Lord, lead me to get baptized immersed in water just like you were.

    Interfaith Alliance praises Obama's `inclusive' National Day of Prayer proclamation | RELIGION Blog |

  • The Son of God, who from eternity shares the fullness of life with the Father and the Holy Spirit, was "immersed" in our reality as sinners to make us share in his own life: he was incarnate, he was born like us, he grew up like us and, on reaching adulthood, manifested his mission which began precisely with the "baptism of conversion" administered by John the Baptist.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • How can you get offended by a review, and then not even give arguments against it most seem to agree with the bad storyline but simply claim that you "enjoyed it" or was "immersed".

    The Projection Booth

  • Might be the kind of Spanish, you are 'immersed' in.

    ciate, perame, quitate, orale

  • Assuming Branaugh is as "immersed" in the comics as he claims, I figure the Warriors Three will be Thor's allies/comic relief for the film; Sif will be the love interest playing off of Enchantress; Loki will be the villain with the Executioner as his henchman and Balder will be a younger Asgardian looking up to Thor.

    Brian Blessed Cast as Odin in Thor | /Film

  • Speaking as someone once 'immersed' in the same place.

    ciate, perame, quitate, orale

  • No matter how well "immersed" they are in the location and physical scenery of the 1860s, the Cooke family carry with them hidden baggage: a "modern" concept of the world, interpersonal roles, and attitudes, which would simply not have existed in the 1860s.

    The Bunkhouse Beats the Ranch House

  • The more 'immersed' you are (less contact with English speakers) the more your new language skills will get to be practiced.

    Good place for neophyte to stay awhile and take Spanish courses?


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