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  • n. Any academic or scientific study that draws on the expertise of more than one discipline


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  • Rather than a therapy for academic neurosis, interdisciplinarity is in fact yet one more symptom of it.

    Other Stuff « Gerry Canavan

  • I don't believe that interdisciplinarity is a solution to relativism and specialisation.

    A Problem Word

  • One goal, universally embraced, is to break down the strict divisions between the school's academic departments and usher in a new era of "interdisciplinarity," with departments sharing faculty and dollars, collaborating on teaching and research, and eliminating duplication.

    Howard in flux: An HBCU reinvents itself

  • Why has 'interdisciplinarity' become a magic word?

    NYT > Home Page

  • This is a new kind of interdisciplinarity, and it can go a long way toward closing the we / they opposition. - Today's News

  • That kind of breadth of topic, aka "interdisciplinarity," is precisely what one goes to Digital Humanities 2009 for, as opposed to, say, the


  • However, if we define "interdisciplinarity" as the historical trajectory and the canons of different art fields interpenetrating and cross pollinating, sharing affinities in their conceptual or aesthetic predilections, if not their notions of form, intermixing the texture of their social communities, then interdisciplinarity it seems to me is rare.


  • It does also seem like an argument for interdisciplinarity, reaching across communities to have a broader judgement.

    Professionalization of Academia « Beki's Blog (there's an original name)

  • Except that, Menand explains, interdisciplinarity finally does nothing to alter the ways in which the individual disciplines produce their professors.

    Other Stuff « Gerry Canavan

  • The professoriate itself is well aware of the dilemma, Menand observes, and has enthusiastically promoted what sounds like a solution: “interdisciplinarity.”

    Other Stuff « Gerry Canavan


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  • T.H.E.: '"Interdisciplinarity." The word has become a mantra. The concept has become a human right. The US Constitution needs to be amended to add it to the original Bill of Rights. The French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen must be updated to include it. Any curtailment of the interdisciplinary impulse warrants a hearing at The Hague.

    'But just what is interdisciplinarity, and why is it touted as the intellectual equivalent of penicillin? Taken tamely, interdisciplinarity means venturing beyond one's own discipline to another. The expectation is that something in the other discipline - a fact, a theory, an approach - will abet the practitioner of the home discipline... Taken boldly, interdisciplinarity means more than acquaintance with another discipline. It means the beholdenness of one discipline to another. Here interdisciplinarity is not merely an option but a requirement. Here progress within a discipline can be found only by looking beyond one's native land. To stay within one's discipline is to guarantee parochialism and stagnation. Disciplinary boundaries must be crossed, perhaps even effaced.'

    June 18, 2009