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  • adj. Distracted by text messaging; said of someone driving poorly due to said distraction.


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Blend of intoxicated and text.


  • Wheeling Police Sgt. Ron Didion is right: That is driving while "intexticated," and it is dangerous.

    The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

  • Didion said "intexticated" is how law enforcement officials increasingly describe drivers who send text messages from behind the wheel.

    The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

  • The dictionary's publisher, Britain's Oxford University Press, even seemed partial to techno-terms when choosing the top word from finalists that included "intexticated," which describes people distracted by texting while driving, and "sexting," sending sexually explicit material by cellphone. - News

  • The level of distraction is so high that the term "intexticated" is used to refer to drivers who text while on the road. - Local News

  • The United States has become a nation so "intexticated" that seven states now ban texting and driving, but Florida is not one of them. - Local News

  • If Kate is like most teenage drivers - regardless of parental warnings or state laws - she will be driving while "intexticated," an impairment as dangerous as driving while intoxicated.


  • Other technology related words that Oxford considered this year include hashtag, intexticated, netbook, paywall, and sexting.

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  • And I think each and every one of those intexticated people should be stopped, pulled out of their cars, their vehicles should be impounded and they should be charged a HUGE fee to get them back.

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • WHEELING - A driver swerving in and out of a highway's marked lanes in the darkest hours of the morning may not be under the influence of alcohol - instead, Wheeling police Sgt. Ron Didion said, that driver may be "intexticated."

    The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

  • In technology, there was "hashtag", which is the hash sign added to a word or phrase that lets Twitter users search for tweets similarly taged; "intexticated" for when people are distracted by texting while driving, and "sexting", which is the sending of sexually explicit SMSes and pictures by cellphone.

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  • "In recent years, cell phones have been added to the list of potential motorist distractions. Although the use of hands-free cell phone devices can ameliorate the problem of drivers' using such devices to make or receive phone calls in moving automobiles (and some states have already passed laws banning use of non-hands-free cell phones by drivers), texting remains a problem - it's a process that inherently takes both a motorist's mental focus and his hands away from controlling his vehicle. The word intexticated has been coined to describe 'people (mostly teenagers) who drive while texting on their cellphones,' and the photographs displayed above purportedly illustrate the results of an accident caused by just such an intexticated teen."

    - B & D Mikkelson, Intexticated,, 24 Feb 2009.

    March 6, 2009