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  • adj. Variant of isochronal.

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  • adj. happening at regular intervals
  • adj. happening at the same time; isochronal
  • adj. of or pertaining to the use of clocks derived from the same clock reference
  • adj. of or pertaining to data associated with time sensitive application

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  • adj. Same as isochronal.

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  • Same as isochronal.

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  • adj. equal in duration or interval


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From Ancient Greek ἴσος (isos, "equal") + Ancient Greek χρόνος (chrónos) + -ous


  • This is what is called isochronous vibration -- the passing through unequal arcs in equal periods of time.

    Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 457 Volume 18, New Series, October 2, 1852

  • The cycloidal pendulum, also called the isochronous pendulum (from the Greek isochrones, occurring at equal intervals of time), invented by Chris - taan Huygens about 350 years ago, consists of a small mass P (we called it a weighted ball before) suspended from the point O by means of a string ∗ By Dr. Herbert A. Hauptman.

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  • The new Profinet functions such as isochronous mode, Shared Device and the Media Redundancy Protocol have been implemented in Simatic WinAC RTX (F) 2010.

    WebWire | Recent Headlines

  • Firewire is "isochronous", basically meaning that you can pump "clocked" data though it in real time.

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  • UWB has built-in quality of service settings that allow a device to ask for specific latency and error correction on an "isochronous" channel -- that's real time data in the case of streaming audio and video.

    Wi-Fi Networking News

  • It handles all standard USB transfers such as isochronous, interrupt, control and bulk.


  • First, FW is "isochronous", basically meaning that you can pump "clocked" data though it in real time.

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  • Doubt has been cast on this classification, because the measurements taken by phoneticians using ever more sophisticated machines have shown that neither syllables nor stresses are truly isochronous.

    Linguistic Rhythm | Linguism

  • Proposition 52 then shows that such a pendulum, although not isochronous under inverse-square centripetal forces, is isochronous under centripetal forces that vary linearly with the distance to the center.

    Newton's Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica

  • I can't really think what I'd do with a tiny portable audio analyser "capable of making dual-FFT measurements, time delay spectrometry sweeps and even recording high resolution impulse responses", even if it came with with phantom power mic inputs, recording to SD card, and a built in USB interface "Features a fully isochronous Burr-Brown USB codec".

    I don't care what it does. I want it! (Part 2)


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  • In paleontology, "Originating or formed at the same period." (OED)

    September 5, 2008