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  • n. A backpack that is maneuvered by jets and permits an astronaut to move about alone in space away from a spacecraft.

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  • n. Alternative spelling of jet pack.
  • v. To travel with a jet pack.


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  • It comes down to this: a jetpack is only as awesome as the enemies it goes up against.

    DARK VOID PS3 Review –

  • It's will blasting off with his jetpack is looks very cool.

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  • Next to a plane, however, a jetpack is no toy, but it’s not a plane!

    DARK VOID PS3 Review –

  • The jetpack has been a common theme in movies and even among pranksters on You Tube.

    Why Transportation Has Gone Nowhere Fast

  • Those who have tested the jetpack say that with only the controls in front of you, flying a jetpack is a real free-flight experience.

    Where's My Jetpack? Right Here | Universe Today

  • The abilities are classified as Scout (sprinting), Stalker (cloaking device), Guard (force field) and Airborne (jetpack), and while there are tactical advantages to each - the Guard's force field explodes into a shield-draining EMP blast after a few seconds, for instance - the jetpack was our favourite.

    Toronto Sun

  • The most exciting of these is the jetpack, which is powered by new widget Rocket Fuel.


  • You snag stronger weaponry at designated spots, and a jetpack is a standard issue power if you can grab it - the challenge is in keeping it, since there are areas where your pack will disappear if you fly into the wavy lines.

    IGN DS

  • The jetpack is a little better, but when the burst runs out and you have to wait for it to recharge, your jumps are so tiny and pathetic that you're practically a sitting duck.

    Snackbar Games

  • Using a kind of jetpack he helped design, called a manned maneuvering unit, McCandless moves 100 yards from the ship and floats 150 miles above the Earth.

    Play Free Bird


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  • *singing*.... Get back Get back to where the jet black jetbacks belong

    February 19, 2016

  • Are they designing any jet black jetpacks?

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