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  • n. A type of game controller held in the hand, where the digits (especially thumbs) are used to provide input


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

joy + pad


  • The joypad is the secret to my web development productivity.

    Planet Python

  • It's also fun to get RockNES or NESticle and download unlimited free NES games, link it up to a joypad and it's as good as the originals.

    Star Wars and Philosophy

  • Note the european joypad on the 7800 (bottom right) instead of the US analog joystick.

    Do You Have the Atari Advantage - The Retroist

  • Holding a joypad has rarely felt so swashbuckling.

    The Guide's best games of 2011

  • Eschewing the games industry's decades-old scramble for technical superiority, it even did away with the joypad, a trope few even sought to question, yet in doing so managed to outsell both of the market's safer, more conventional players.

    This week's new games

  • It's a properly meaty challenge, serviced with a proper touchscreen control interface that uses swipes and touches to control the character and bring up in-game menus rather than an awkward virtual joypad.

    The 25 best smartphone games of 2011 (so far) – part one

  • Professionals from Sega, Microsoft's Rare studio, Sports Interactive, Crytek and Creative Assembly, alongside representatives from universities and colleges will be on hand to help guide budding young talent towards putting all those hours of joypad bashing to good use.

    Special report: Tokyo Game Show and Eurogamer Expo, London

  • It's to those folks I present this discovery: this looks like it may be the first product (image from a 1977 ad) with a joypad-like device, used for user input (enlargement mine):

    Boing Boing

  • N.O.V.A. HD, Gameloft, £3.99 With neither a mouse nor joypad, first person shooting games on a touch screen have not been terribly good.

    New iPad games reviews

  • Due out this Christmas for the Xbox 360 console, Natal is perhaps the most ambitious, consisting of an array of sensors (including a camera and an infrared lens for depth perception) that sit below your TV and track your physical actions without the need for a handheld controller or joypad.

    Sports sims: how they became the real deal


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