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  • n. Community, tribe: basic social organization of the Mapuche, Huilliche, and Picunche peoples, a (familial) clan which recognizes the authority of a lonco.


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From Mapudungun lof ("community").


  • On that day I had nothing to desire; I had greatly annoyed my principal enemy; I was young, strong; I had friendship; I had the love "(he said" lof ")" of woman, a child I had, to make my heart very full -- and even what I had once dreamed in my sleep had come into my hand too! "

    Lord Jim

  • Funny, as I foudn this through the usual Google weirdness lof links.

    Not Long Now

  • Yeah the actions scenes & FX are ok (except that the Dr. Manhattan 3D integrations with other characters in the scenes are awful and I dont believe it a split second), yes there is lot of meat in the story and its not your dumb average super-zero movie, lof of good scenes with high visual impact, etc, etc.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Watchmen tonight…

  • I have to agree with you Nich, the site is badly run with a lof of phrases in every blog post that don't make sense.

    Do you get the impression that now the by-election team have gone home, Chloe Smith doesn't know what to do ?

  • Winning a lof of Grammy Awards does not qualify you for Congressional recognition.

    House holds moment of silence for Michael Jackson

  • Israel has been enabled by US vetoes and funding and weapons to blow off UN Resolution 242 since 1967, and their "settling" of lands occupied by Arabs and Muslims for many centuries in violation of the Geneva Conventions and dozens of UN resolutions makes them the consummate "rogue nation" in defiance of all manner lof international law, with their hundreds of nukes a stark violation of the NPT.

    Palin warns of 'Second Holocaust' if Iran gains nuclear weapons

  • I spend a lof of time writing blogs that never get posted or get deleted by permalink within an hour.

    Health care bill postponed

  • She has the bad habit of creating a lof of smoke over some tiny little comment or blog and now I am wondering.

    Palin attorney warns media over 'defamatory' charges

  • The Dutch were wordier but equally sensible: “Mijn lof zal hier na altijt even frisch aengroeien” (my fame shall ... grow fresh — a nod to the abundance of sea air, perhaps).

    postera crescam laude

  • I recently attended Arisia, a Boston-area science fiction/fantasy/a lof of other things conference.

    Steampunk Bronze


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  • Also lofe; in both lof and lofe pronounce the 'o' long as in lofe.

    October 3, 2011

  • lof n. praise, glory, repute / song of praise, hymn.

    II. (in poems, skalds, skops) n. protection, help.

    October 3, 2011