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  • n. The act of mediatizing

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  • n. The act of mediatizing.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The act of mediatizing, or the state of being mediatized. See mediatize.


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  • The crass ignorance of the realities in the Middle East and the exploitation of that ignorance by speculators compounded by the mediatization of the insurrections and riots could give the impression that we are facing an oil crisis.

    Georges Ugeux: Don't Worry About the Oil Prices

  • Keep checking in here for Part 2 in the next few hours and days where we discuss the political implications of the mediatization of Atlas Shrugged.

    Juliette Powell: Colbert Shrugged: Ayn Rand Institute Responds to 'Rand Illusion'

  • What's your truth around the mediatization and politization of Ayn Rand's work and about the importance of media literacy in general?

    Juliette Powell: John Galt Has Left the Building

  • But Welcome to Sarajevo especially the first half before they leave Sarajevo is a clever commentary on the mediatization of war.

    23 « December « 2007 « Jahsonic

  • Certainly on this matter I am not an original thinker: many people in Latin America are concerned about that populist and messianic culture which is now fueled by the mediatization of society.

    In praise of parliamentary systems: how to get rid of Latin American messianic leaders

  • Such tokens of exchange had been freely employed since the middle of the seventeenth century, and at the time of the mediatization of the fiefs, 1694 kinds of notes were in circulation.

    A History of the Japanese People From the Earliest Times to the End of the Meiji Era

  • The African Press Organization manage a media list of 25.000 contacts, as well as public relations services intended for institutions related to Africa, including distribution of press releases (online database and targeted e-mail lists), press videoconference, webcast, international press review, and mediatization of international events.

    Database of Press Releases related to Africa

  • It being now considered safe to advance to the next stage of the mediatization of the fiefs, the Emperor issued an edict abolishing local autonomy; removing the sometime daimyo from their post of prefectural governor; providing that the local revenues should thereafter be sent into the central treasury; declaring the appointment and dismissal of officials to be among the prerogatives of the Imperial Government; directing that the ex-feudatories should continue to receive one-tenth of their former incomes but that they should make Tokyo* their place of permanent residence, and ordaining that the samurai should be left in continued and undisturbed possession of all their hereditary pensions and allowances.

    A History of the Japanese People From the Earliest Times to the End of the Meiji Era

  • “In this case, I keep wondering if all this ‘mediatization 'of a familiar tragedy will bring any benefit to the society. […] would someone who may be thinking about throwing a kid out of the window rethink their attitude?

    Brazil: Making a Child Murder Into a Media Show

  • In response to the mediatization of her cause, "KleineLilli" explains, "There are many accounts of violence from Skins, but, if you notice, they're most likely instigated by a larger issue.



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  • 'Our analysts speak polysyllabically and in turn of five new processes: "deterritorialization" (culture as torn out of its geography and made homeless); "hybridity" (cultures as mixed up together); "liminality" (poor cultures shoved off the edge by rish ones); "diasporization" (cultures scattered worldwide but persisting in a mutant form); above all, analysts speak of "mediatization" (the stories of culture detached from their local habitations and carried largely abroad by the electronic media).'

    ~ Fred Inglis, Culture (Key Concepts series), p. 146

    March 3, 2009