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  • n. See cranberry, 1.


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  • They are pollinated by the domestic honey bee and also go by the name mossberry and fenberry.

    Kate in the Kitchen

  • a delicious supper of fresh trout, white bread such as we had not seen since leaving Tom Blake's, mossberry jam and tea.

    The Long Labrador Trail


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  • (n): 1. another name for cranberry, the small small shrubby plant found growing in boggy regions of North America and Europe.

    2. The edible fruit of the mossberry or cranberry, resembling a small ovoid cherry. Cooked, the acidic, astringent, and slightly bitter fruits produce a compote or jelly with a very agreeable taste well-suited to accompany game and foul (HA HA - I meant FOWL!) dishes. They are used to flavor sweet breads, are sweetened and dried for use as a garnish in salads and other dishes. The sweetened juice is valued for its flavor and antioxident properties.

    (please don't anyone post the commercial advertising construct craisins to a list - this is one of few words I truly dislike! - don't give in to consumerism, or hyperconsumerism).

    January 5, 2009