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  • adj. Having many facets or aspects. See Synonyms at versatile.

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  • adj. Having multiple facets.
  • adj. Having many aspects; nuanced or diverse.

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  • adj. having many aspects


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From multi- + facet + -ed.


  • What we have to have is what I call multifaceted modern entertainment.

    The Seattle Times

  • I'd recommend the Paint or Pixel book for anyone who wants to explore this dialogue in multifaceted detail.

    MIND MELD: Art in a Digital World

  • Iran's challenge to the regional status quo is multifaceted, which is why Washington must adopt a comprehensive approach as it formulates its nascent engagement with Iran.

    Iran's New Target: Egypt

  • Although the term has multifaceted significance, we begin with a text in which it appears as a rebuke and corrective.


  • As I thought about the history of Labor Day, I understood the importance of judging the government's ability to lead and facilitate for health care the kind of multifaceted, continually improvable reform that transformed the workplace from what it was in the early 20th century to what it is today.

    John Kenagy: An Obama Health Care Reform Scorecard

  • This kind of multifaceted approach needs to be formalized into a clear strategy laying out the role that the Iraqi military and the US will play in protecting Iraqi's population in a withdrawal scenario.

    Suzanne Nossel: Iraq: Avoiding The Killing Fields II

  • This is perhaps directly related to having this kind of multifaceted heritage.

    Out of the Darkness

  • They have a company that's kind of multifaceted that does a lot of literary work and a lot of publicity help and a record company as well.

    CNN Transcript Feb 19, 2007

  • Special "multifaceted" efforts would have to be directed at men because it was recognised that male criminal violence against women and girls had become endemic to South Africa.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Humans are multifaceted, meaning we have more than one piece of our nature.

    D*I*Y Planner - Comments


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